march of litch king reveal schedule

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    Posted 4 days, 5 hours ago

    it's really sad to see the lack of interest for Hearthstone ...

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    Yeah.  I like that the reveal schedule is up, but linking to the old MotLK schedule and expansion page, mixed with the lack of over all content and updates for the game page are more than a little concerning.

    If you guys are done with the game and don’t want to cover it anymore, at least just say so.  That way I’ll know definitively if I should start going elsewhere for HS coverage

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    We made a mistake and didn't change the variable that sets the site's current expansion name.

    No need to be all doom and gloom. Also, the other sites are absolute trash when it comes to reveal season anyway - no one has had a more dedicated crew to covering Hearthstone reveal seasons since the beginning of the game.

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