Tables, A Way To Play Hearthstone With Your Own Rules.

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    Quote From Zwane

    I think they are great ideas, and I have an idea how to overcome the lack of people for some mode.

    Imagine you could see a live counter as to how many people are now live playing each mode and how many are in queue.

    Then you could get an idea of the possible wait time and decide if you really want to queue into that.

    This is like an improved version of the current estimate you see AFTER you queue.

    I think there needs to be more incentives, such as pack tokens and pack sleeves, in the form of a weekly quest. "Play X amount of games in Endless Explorer/Two Headed Ogre/etc. during the week." would encourage players to keep coming back and checking into the mode beyond the daily quest grind. Also a monthly quest would be welcomed as well.

    Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn't really report their numbers anymore (not that I can find) and probably for good reason. If people have that kind of information, they can use it to say "X is dead, abandon the game now before it's shut down". On the flip side of that, you can look at Heroes of the Storm which was a very fun game with an even more active community, if those numbers were public when they " killed" the game people would be raiding the forums saying "HotS had X amount of players and Blizzard just abandoned them, Hearthstone/WoW/Diablo/Overwatch is next!".

    I think just having a wait time would be fine, but it goes back into that negative feedback loop. "Not many players playing that mode? I guess I'll play a different mode then." That continues until people just randomly start playing it.

    I'd really like to have access to those numbers, along with Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and Arena's populations as well that way we can truly see what might happen if we split the playerbase further.

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    This is super cool and  incredibly well done thread.  I love the concept and I especially would like to see some previous years of standards play mode.  I miss some of the decks from the first year I started playing.  

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    nice article. 

    similar to creating custom maps on WC3 (even if Blizzard owns it all now).

    would be great if the rules on custom table get simplified, so when other player joins, they're not wasting any time understanding it.

    such as buttons, or icons. like ♥=15, or HPower=false, or even better, a premade custom rules, for easy pick.

    cards collections banning should be trimmed too, like very tiny card icons, or tags (need more tags to be useful, like gnomes, kobolds, undeads, treants, etc).

    remove the rewards, since this mode is just for fun, and this mode is just a place to go when players are bored with either plays or BG (like BG F2P). And Pack Tokens / Sleeves just ruining the balance of golds. One currency is more than enough.

    adding passwords to private tables, and chatting room is essential, but that's the main problem, since hearthstone don't utilize it.

    and the last one will be contacting blizzard team 5 about this new modes. That's it. It'll be a good addition to Hearthstone nonetheless.

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    This looks amazing! You must put a lot of time and effort!

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    A few weeks ago, Team 5 released a video asking for ideas for formats and modes from the community, asking us what we'd like to see in the game. There is no official way to go about this other than Tweeting them or posting in their official forums. On April the 14th, Team 5 is hosting an AMA to respond to our questions. I'd like for your help to get this to not only get their attention, but to get them to respond to this idea.

    This is our opportunity, to not only get this in the face of the developers but to get more people behind this concept. I'll be posting this forum link in the AMA and I'd like for you guys to help by simply upvoting it.

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    I like the idea of this thread. To me though you have laid out at least two (up to four) separate things that I think are real possibilites for hearthstone.

    1. Custom Tournaments - will happen eventually

    2. The evolution of Tavern Brawls. We have seen one evolution of tavern brawls (extending their time). The next evolution is to merge your tables idea with the concept of the brawl and community/dev curation. The next evolution of brawls will be several concurrent brawls at different "tables".

    • The Weekly Blast from the Past - A table for your "standard of the past" based format.
    • The Weekly Alternative History Brawl - A table for a unique combination of "X" cards sets from the Past. 
    • Gamblers Table - A table for past and potentially new Random deck brawls.
    • Developer's Choice - A table for new and past Brawls of the developers choice. 
    • Wanderer's House Rules - Two different tables for community created rule sets. The current list of officially submitted rule sets (in browser maybe?) would be accessible for community voting with weekly winners being granted the next two slots.

    The idea of expanding the Tavern Brawl mode just makes sense as it has a similar purpose, providing new and exciting ways to play. It also improves player pool issue as well as ensuring people don't have to wait around for someone to challenge them to their cool new rule set idea. There could also be an option to include the option of Heroic Brawl status for one of these brawls a week (for those most competitive of heart).

    3. The 2v2 Game Option - Not a bad idea, long way from being a polished solution. But I would love a permanent option for co-op. Hard to prevent friends from having a massive advantage or randoms though. And it might kill half the fun if you could kill the advantage anyway.

    4. The Endless Dungeon Run - This sounds like an awesome start to a permanent single player mode, however the implementation of this will be really, really tricky. The amount of thought needed to endlessly extend a survival style dungeoneering style PVE sounds immense on the generous side and perhaps impossible.


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    Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

    Here's the comment guys, let's try to get their attention!

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    Quote From griffior

    Here's the comment guys, let's try to get their attention!

    I went and upvoted and commented! Fingers crossed they see this

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