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Which card are you going to miss the most from the upcoming rotating sets and how would you replace it?

The Grand Tournament
  • MilesSawyer's Avatar 10 1 Posts Joined 02/10/2020
    Posted 6 months ago

    While not very powerful, for me is swamp dragon egg.

    A good combination of:

    tribal synergy value(adding dragons to your hand doesn't miss powerful battlecries like chromatic egg), high health for the low cost and deathrattle keyword (turn 2 shadowy figure).

    It should be replaced with a one mana dragon (priest only) that could contest early boards and work with both shadowy figure and dragon breeder: 1/2 deathrattle: give a friendly minion +2 health.

  • Brandon's Avatar Devoted Outlander 305 373 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    For me it would be Tess Greymane. She is a staple in the burgle rogue archetype and isn't easely replaced, sadly. However Bazaar Burglary would be a bit of a replacement for her, but this isn't enough to compete against control decks. And the burgle rogue archetype is already bad/mediocre against aggro. 


  • Erodos's Avatar 360 408 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Master's Call, it gave a huge boost to midrange hunter and made for a really fun deck with synergies with cards like Dire Frenzy and Zul'jin. While it leaves the class in a good spot with like six good archetypes, it allowed Midrange Hunter to be a viable archetype during a time when Hunter did not have any others.

  • FieselFitz's Avatar Anduin 420 532 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Well there are surely lots of cards i'm gonna miss but also some i will defenitely not gonna cry about once they are gone :)

    Cards i will miss (because i either liked them personaly or liked some decks they were played in) :

    Cathedral Gargoyle - i realy liked this one from the beginning because i always tried Dragon Paladin in every expansion!

    Tess Greymane - Thief/Burgle Rogue was/is always fun to play so it`s kinda sad to see her go

    Boommaster Flark - I realy liked the Flavour of Flark and he was very useful to me in my mech or quest hunter

    Glow-Tron - Recently started playing pure and mech paladin so this guy will be deeply missed

    Zilliax - One of the most diverse cards - realy liked him but it was also somekind of pain to play against :) - still liked him tough

    Halazzi, the Lynx - Realy liked quest hunter , at least this deck made Halazzi half bad :)

    Mass Hysteria - Priest was my first golden Hero and i realy like the class - sad to see this one go

    Card i surely will not miss:

    Witching Hour - mostly of the Ressurect from the Embiggen Druids :) but also bad memories because of Hadronox

    Town Crier - every Warrior play either this guy or Eternium Rover on one - simply can't stand them anymore :)

    Eternium Rover - See Town Crier up above :) - also turn one into coin Magnetic Mech (SN1P-SN4P) for example could be a pain in the ass.

    Time Out! - This is the only card that made me dislike the OTK Paladin - and it was always two turns in a row this was played and after that i lost :) 


    That's all that i can think of right now - i surely hope we will get decent or better / diverse replacements. But im still hopefull we will get some nice new cards that will deliver a decent and interesting meta - at least i hope so :) 

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  • Primus7112765's Avatar Academy Sleuth 105 28 Posts Joined 08/12/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    For me, whizbang and toki, i hope they get rotated into classic because in wild they'll be useless 

  • Avalon's Avatar Content Squad 590 847 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    I'll adopt FieselFitz's division

    Cards I'll miss (both because of the concept and because I like playing them):

    Houndmaster Shaw - this guy allowed many shenanigans/swing turns. A really cool card that has seen play here and there throughout its life in Standard. Will be missed.

    Earthen Might - I personally like Elementals and this card is fun. Too bad Elemental Shaman never really existed (outside of a two week period before the launch of RoS). 

    Countess Ashmore - I wanted so much this card to be playable; too bad it never really became a staple in any deck.

    Fireworks Tech - Deathrattle Hunter is cool and therefore this card as well.

    Omega Medic - Crushing Zoolock with Duskbreaker and this minion felt so good back in the day. Thanks for all the good memories and the sweet concedes

    Necrium Blade - the card that brought me to legend for the first time ever. It has become part of a bigger problem later on, but that's not a problem of mine lol

    Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk - Odd Mage lover here. Simply cool.

    Seance - I was one of the few to see the potential in this spell when it was revealed. I'm glad I was totally right.

    Snapjaw Shellfighter - it has never seen play but I appreciate the concept behind it. I'd like to see it in the Classic set.

    Cards I won't miss (because I think they're oppressive of just it feels bad to play against them):

    Ferocious Howl - almost two years ago, when I first saw the card I was like "heh, has cycle but doesn't seem good at all". Holy moly I was totally wrong. Impressive card for the early game survivability, even more when paired with old Branching Paths. After April's rotation Steel Beatle will take its spot and I hope it won't feel to climb a mountain since turn 2/3 all over again.

    Shudderwock - one of the most degenerated cards ever printed. Most of the times you either draw it or lose it, which feels terribly bad. I can't even say "go rot in Wild", cause this fucker is even more stupid over there. Seriously, this is my argument against all the people that keep saying "I love Ben Brode, when he was at Blizz things were much funnier". No.

    Flobbidinous Floop - why keeping track of your opponent's hand when he can simply have a copy of everything he plays? Please, next.

    Eternium Rover - do I really have to explain why?

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  • AngryShuckie's Avatar 505 483 Posts Joined 06/03/2019
    Posted 6 months ago
    Quote From Avalon

    Shudderwock - one of the most degenerated cards ever printed. Most of the times you either draw it or lose it, which feels terribly bad. I can't even say "go rot in Wild", cause this fucker is even more stupid over there. Seriously, this is my argument against all the people that keep saying "I love Ben Brode, when he was at Blizz things were much funnier". No.

    In fairness it was Brode who argued against Shudderwock because of its interaction with Grumble. Running the show =/= complete control over everything. I'm also happy to see Shudderwock leave though.

    Anyway, I won't really miss much because I play Wild as much as Standard. If anything I'm looking forward to lots of the frustrating cards cycling out and seeing very little play in Wild so I can finally use them without feeling dirty.

    That really just leaves Whizbang, who doesn't benefit at all from the larger pool of options in Wild, making it harder to get some wins with him there. If there is ever a card to promote to the Classic set it is him, and I suppose we'll finally have an answer on whether the devs intend to do this soon.

  • YourPrivateNightmare's Avatar Swamp 965 2065 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Captain Hooktusk

    gone too soon



    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

  • Suchti0352's Avatar 200 142 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Hagatha the Witch

    She was one of the biggest hype cards in Hearthstone ( thanks to Ben Brode, Live in Peace) and her Art is awesome. I also really like her HP, as Trump would say: value,value

  • ArngrimUndying's Avatar Draconically Dedicated 460 626 Posts Joined 06/11/2019
    Posted 6 months ago


    Vicious Scalehide - really made the Midrange Beast Hunter viable with the rush/heal, especially when buffed with Dire Frenzy which is also rotating :(

    Holy Water - got SO much value out of this in most of the Priest archetypes I played, mainly because so few people ever expected it and then whoops I got a copy of your best card. It was also key to one of my favorite matches of all time against a The Last Kaleidosaur Paladin - by the end of the match we each had THREE separate Galvadon/card]s. It was nuts and hilarious and one of my favorite HS memories.

    Tess Greymane & Blink Fox - as others have said Burgle Rogue is fun but tough and losing both of them at once will be rough. Fortunately I just converted my Standard deck to Wild and will keep on stealin'

    Lifedrinker - I would call this the year of the raven's Tar Creeper: it's strong without feeling OP, versatile enough to go in virtually any deck, and can often be the little thing that means the difference between victory and defeat.


    I really like Treant Druid. I know they just printed a few more new cards for it in DoD, but without Mulchmuncher, Landscaping, Dendrologist, and Tending Tauren I'm just not seeing it be anywhere close to viable next year

    Thunderhead - such a great card in overload/elemental Shaman. really made board control possible (all by itself on occasion)

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - I know he's a very love/hate card, but I come down on the side of love. I fully intend to take my Mech Warrior into Wild like Burgle Rogue so I can keep the Boom Times going.

    Rastakhans Rumble

    Zul'jin - I've always enjoyed Spell Hunter (or Spell-Heavy Beast Hunter) so this card was a day 1 craft for me. ALTHOUGH you never really realize how many hunter spells can hit yourself until the first time you play him haha…

    Smolderthorn Lancer - Execute on a stick? Absolutely! I'm glad Dragon Warrior is a bit more viable now than it was during RR and that I'm finally getting the work out of this card that I always knew it was good for.



  • MurlocAggroB's Avatar COMMENT_COUNT_350_HS 405 356 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Whizbang will be the first Wild card I don't disenchant, just so I can keep him for duel quests.

    Other than that, I'll miss Shirvallah. It's such a good card, but it's a shame Control Pally was so trash these last two years. It only ever saw play in cheese combo decks.

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  • dapperdog's Avatar 655 1212 Posts Joined 07/29/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Cards I'll be missing come rotation, not because they were great (many of them aren't) but the amount of smiles I get just from playing them;

    Dollmaster Dorian - So many memories of me trying desperately to make this card work. Eventually plot twist warlock came along and for those brief happy moments I will be missing this card the most.

    Dire Frenzy - I like value that keeps on giving

    Juicy Psychmelon - Hadronox combo. When it works, everything works.

    Tess Greymane - Never really saw the light of day. Such a shame.

    Necrium Blade & Necrium Vial - For giving me endless hope that deathrattle rogue will be somewhere up the top. In a way, it did, but not the way I hoped it would be.

    Zilliax - Perhaps the best and fairest legendary that will ever exist in hearthstone history. Top decking this card against a smug, bm-happy face hunter has and will always be the top 10 moments of my entire life.

    Gonk, the Raptor - Had one of the best entrance lines in my opinion, and one of the most satisfying combos to pull off. Sadly, 90% of the time its just not happening.

    Master's Call - for making Dire Frenzy really really scary

    Zul'jin - For making just about any hunter spell really really scary

    Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk - All those happy memories of summoning ragnaros.

    Farraki Battleaxe - Spent hours trying to make this work. If only it was 4 mana instead of 5. When it does work, and assuming you're not dead, this I assure you is absolutely nuts

    Captain Hooktusk - Its a real shame how this card didn't actually get much attention. Team5 should have printed at least one big pirate in DoD, but I can understand why they didn't.


  • Zwane's Avatar Wizard 260 423 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Definitely Luna and Pocket Galaxy. How I love my minions to cost only 1 will be very boring without this.

  • Shosupply's Avatar Malfurion 410 188 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Bomb warrior stuff will be sad to see go away >.<

    O, that this too too solid flesh would melt
    Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!

  • DoubleSummon's Avatar 910 1735 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 6 months ago
    Quote From Shosupply

    Bomb warrior stuff will be sad to see go away >.<

    Bomb warrior is from RoS I know it's been forever since we saw bomb warrior being played.

  • Demonxz95's Avatar Content Squad Card Designer Enthusiast 750 1056 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Whizbang the Wonderful

    Largely what kept me going when I couldn't make a good deck. Love him to see him added to Classic, but I know that's quite unlikely.

  • Tetsuo's Avatar Magma Rager 240 240 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    Damn, it just hit me that three sets will be rotating soon...I haven't prepared myself mentally for it. These are the cards I'll miss the most, though:

    Zilliax - Best legendary ever printed. There's no argument against this.

    Mojomaster Zihi - It's a shame this card didn't see much play. I remember slotting her into my Even Paladin deck, and she's an absolute OTK killer. All those Mecha'thun decks died when she entered standard, then no one used her again.

    Captain Hooktusk - I crafted this before the rotation last year, thinking she'd be a staple in Rogue decks moving forward. Alas, she never found a home as lackeys became Rogue's main thing. I'm having fun with her in Wild, though. 

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Ah, those Control Warrior decks were a pain to play against, but were super fun to play. He deserves to be un-nerfed, it just feels wrong that Dr. Boom isn't 7 mana.

    Zul'jin - Insta-craft on day one, and boy is he powerful. Fun finisher for Hunter. 

    Thunderhead - One of the strongest Shaman cards printed (the buffed version). 

    Shudderwock - I just crafted this recently, then Galakrond Shaman got nerfed to the ground. Still fun to experiment with in Wild. 

    Supercollider - Probably my favorite weapon, it really forced opponents to think about the placement of minions on the board. 

    Sul'thraze - I'm sad this didn't see much play. I played this a lot when I was trying to make Quest Warrior work, but the deck just sucked so much. 


  • griffior's Avatar Garrosh 375 184 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    The Witchwood

    Bewitched Guardian - I honestly thought that some type of Hand, Treant Druid would come about. Sadly, it never did.

    Vex Crow - I think it only saw a lot of real play right after Witchwood released. Made for a fun deck when cheap spells would get you a full board.

    Hidden Wisdom - Probably one of the strongest Paladin secrets in the game, I mean, who doesn't like to draw cards?

    I'm throwing Blood Witch and Deathweb Spider together because I was hoping to finally have something I like to call "Painlock". Simply, a Warlock deck that does self damage to boost its spells and minions similar to Lesser Amethyst Spellstone.

    Town Crier - Simply because it's a dependable card draw.

    Witch's Cauldron - Simply because of its flavor.

    Rotten Applebaum - It's a shame to see this card get instantly powercreeped in the very next expansion by Zilliax.

    Mossy Horror - What a wonderful tech card, it's a shame to see him go.


    The Boomsday Project

    Juicy Psychmelon - It straight up gave Togwaggle Druid the edge in Wild before Aviana was nerfed. Still a wonderful and powerful card.

    Crystology - Paladin at it again with powerful card draw, many would argue that it's the best 1-cost spell in the game and I agree.

    Eternium Rover - This little guy has been a staple in every Warrior deck since Boomsday. Warrior made a transition during this expansion to be Mech based and this is one of it's many tools.

    Dyn-o-matic - Is your enemy playing non-mechs? Need to clear the board AND play a body? This guy has you covered.

    Supercollider - A weapon that allowed Warriors to punish other players for bad positioning, absolutely amazing card.

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - There's really nothing I can say about this card that you don't already know. I hope it gets un-nerfed when he moves to Wild.

    Augmented Elekk - Wasn't too much of a threat until Rise of Shadows brought along Bomb Warrior. Sure, Seaforium Bomber came along with Boomsday, but I don't recall Warrior running it that often prior to RoS. For me however, I ran Elekk along with Archbishop Benedictus while both were Standard legal. Good times.

    Whizbang the Wonderful - A card that should either be Evergreen, or have a card similar to it released every year.

    Zilliax - Team 5 has a weird way of spelling "Auto-include".


    Rastakhan's Rumble

    Hex Lord Malacrass - I was hoping he'd have some kind of impact, but sadly I was wrong (again). Either way, kind of a fun card.

    Spirit of the Frog - Great card draw that played on how you built your deck. It only survives for one turn but it still felt good to draw 2-3 spells while casting other spells.

    Rain of Toads - I think it's a fantastic taunt wall for Shaman, that's about it though.

    High Priestess Jeklik - Still didn't make Discard Warlock viable, but still fun when right when it came out.

    Void Contract - If only it were cheaper. Fun idea, but it's honestly a hard card to balance and it's not worth playing on curve.

    Man, Rastakhan's Rumble has a short list.


    Anyway, there's the cards that stuck out to me the most.

  • OldManSanns's Avatar Explorer of Dragons 435 573 Posts Joined 08/05/2019
    Posted 6 months ago
    Quote From Demonxz95

    Whizbang the Wonderful

    Largely what kept me going when I couldn't make a good deck. Love him to see him added to Classic, but I know that's quite unlikely.

    This.  I am going to miss this guy SOOO freaking much.  :-

  • Koetti's Avatar Island 545 657 Posts Joined 11/21/2019
    Posted 6 months ago

    This Thread: Bye bye Cards sniff

    Me: *laughs in Wild*


    ... On a more serious note, Whizbang the Wonderful is probably gonna be hit the hardest by the Rotation. Playing mediocre Standard-Decks in Wild? Yeah... Would be like a Snowball in Hell.


    I think there's reason to believe the Devs will keep him around. Remember when SN1P-SN4P got released? They specifically said that it will be part of the Boomsday Project Expansion, which is also the one Whizbang is from. So MAYBE the Devs will replace him with SN1P and give him a Spot in the Classic Set. I'd look out for that when they'll talk about Rotation/HoF. 


    Long, drawn-out Control Match-ups with Boardclears en masse and an unbelievable amount of greedy cards?

    Sign me up!

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