VS Meta Report - Welcome To Hunterstone

Ashes of Outland
  • ShawnMichaels's Avatar 10 1 Posts Joined 05/21/2020
    Posted 5 days, 13 hours ago

    It's a paid version on Vicious Syndicate. Shows the current meta.



  • Xarkkal's Avatar Servant of Illidan 795 1150 Posts Joined 03/29/2019
    Posted 5 days, 4 hours ago

    Hunter's win rate is within 2 percentage points of other classes. That in no way makes this "hunterstone". Plus the meta is still adjusting to the changes.

    Not to mention the fact that Hunter is non-existent in wild. If you don't like playing against hunter, just go play wild. You won't run into any there.  

  • Marega's Avatar 300 477 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 5 days, 4 hours ago

    Posting the paid analysis here.

    My lord is that...legal?

  • dapperdog's Avatar Dragon Scholar 540 845 Posts Joined 07/29/2019
    Posted 4 days, 20 hours ago

    Its not like hunters are invincible. Most decks have a decent chance against dragon and highlander hunter.

    As pointed out, the difference in win rate is a mere 2%. And the matchup is fairly predictable. They are fairly at the mercy of their draws, and even a semi-decent amount of healing throws them off. If you're really triggered by hunters, just play weapon destruction (which you would anyway because of dhunters), and an odd Dragonmaw Poacher and you more or less solved the dragon hunter riddle.

  • Avalon's Avatar Content Squad 555 761 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 4 days, 10 hours ago

    It is quite normal that an aggro deck (even more if it is the only which didn't receive nerfs) is at the top of the food chain right after a balance patch.

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