Mini expansion ?

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    shouldn't be time to know something about?

    I am 68 years old and still reach Legend

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    That depends on which time frame they are working on. DMF was weird because they released it a month early, so we have to assume it has a 5 month expansion cycle. If they are following the normal timings, we wouldn't see anything until February.

    Hopefully we do see something quite soon though.

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    Blizzard will announce the next expansion at  BlizzConline™ February 19–20. 9/21/2021, so the start of the new Hearthstone year will be in the middle of March. 

    DMF was released on Nov 17, so the middle of the DMF expansion is next week. 

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    I expect an announcement by the end of next week. The midexpansion should hit around Feb, so there's no sense in not hyping it up with a release schedule.

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    My two cents  - by 10 days still in January big changes are planned, so expect to see the mini-expansion by that time in end of January.

    This was posted 10 days ago:


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