isn't it cheating, when big streamers always disconnect on purpose in bgs?

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    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    You just need to decide whether this bothers you enough -- or whether you care enough about ranking in a game mode with no other rewards -- to quit playing until Blizzard fixes it.

    If enough players stop playing due to this exploit, they'll have no choice but to address it.

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    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    While I think it is undeniable that firewalling yourself to get extra turn time gives a tremendous advantage to some builds, like APM pirates or chadgar brann shenanigans, it's the type of thing that's a necessary evil for the time being. This is because depending on how long combat takes, a player can get more or less time in their turn. If you are playing a build that's reliant on having a long turn timer, this can just ruin your chances to win simply because the opponents are playing a build that has deathrattles/tokens.

    This ties back into the age-old issue that animation times are way too slow for a lot of things. While certain cases of this in the past that people complained about, like the ysera portals and other cast when drawn cards aren't a huge deal, I do believe that Battlegrounds should have a whole "skip combat" button, so that way the people playing apm reliant builds can still properly play the game and those who aren't can enjoy the combat phase since most builds aren't going to need an extra 30-40 seconds to spend all their gold.

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