Best mode for XP? Battlegrounds XP?

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    Which mode makes you spend more time in 'XP mode'?


    For ranked you are not getting XP whilst queuing into your opponent. And if you play an aggro deck, you might spend just 5 minutes in a match.

    For battlegrounds, do you get XP at Bob's? And on the battleground? Because they last longer (takes a while for you to die, no matter how bad you are), does that make them a better XP/min spent at the game?

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    From personal experience, I just play the game.

    Tried farming XP with autoclicker in BGs while at work, not really that much XP gained so I prefer to not bother again with that.

    I found that questing + achievements and 1h of playing the game every day is working for me, right now I'm at lvl 171 of the Battle Pass with 4k gold after buying the mid expansion with gold.

    Just go with the flow and play whatever mode you want.

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    I am pretty sure that I make more exp while playing standard ladder than while playing BG. I do not have any numbers to back it up, but I spent last month playing BGs only (+ clearing all the quests) and in February I have only played standard ladder and I am pretty sure I will make more gold this month. I play for about 2-3 hours daily and usually it is enough for me to get 2 levels in one day, while during the BG month 2 levels in one day was a rarity (with the same amount of time play.) 

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