There Should Be a Reward When Your Opponent Concedes

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    OK, I'm only really talking about casual mode.  To clarify, I'm an adult, have lots of other things to worry about in life, and don't really care about ladder, rankings, legend card backs, and so forth.  I just want to play some games and have some fun, though I'd prefer things to be relatively fair.

    What I mean is, in casual, whenever someone doesn't like the matchup, they just quit.  If they don't get a good mulligan, they quit.  If they puke out some cards and I defend myself and turn the corner, they often just quit before I even damage their health.

    The point is that I, usually, just end up playing the opponents who think they have an advantageous match-up or have drawn really well.  I know the answer would be to play ladder, but I've already explained about that.

    My point is that, the way things used to be, your win would count toward your earning gold.  Now, when someone quits immediately, you get 0 XP, and you essentially lose all the gold you would be getting from quick concessions.

    Like I said, I have other things to worry about in life, but I'd prefer the game to be fair, and this doesn't feel fair.  I'm only playing games where my opponent thinks he has the advantage from the start, and get no benefit at all from a concession.  Every time my opponent concedes, which is really often, I feel deflated, because I technically won but got nothing.

    At least, for example, in Runeterra, if you win, even if your opponent concedes, you get double what you get when you lose (and even when you no longer get rewards for a loss, you still get full rewards for a win).  So, at least when your opponent concedes you don't feel like you were robbed of the chance to win, because at least the win counted for something.

    I don't even know if there is any bonus to your XP if you win in casual, but, even if there is, you don't get anything when your opponent concedes immediately.

    I really feel that there should be XP that you get for time played, and XP you get for a win itself, and you should get that win XP whether you play a long game or whether your opponent concedes immediately.

    I mean, think about it, if you play 30 games, and your opponent concedes 10 of them, that's essentially 30.3 gold that you would have gotten in the old system, where you would get 0 gold now.  Add that up over 3 or 4 months of playing, and that actually quite a lot of gold and packs you will have lost out on by not getting anything from quick concessions.

    Like I said, I have other things that are far more important in my life, but, still, I like not to feel so meh during all the frequent concessions.  I'm not about to start bothering with ladder, but casual just feels unrewarding.

    Even if I got something like 25 XP for a concession win, if wouldn't be a lot, but at least I wouldn't feel cheated.

    I'm not sure why things aren't configured where you get rewards for a concession just like you used to.  Perhaps the devs though that this new reward system would keep people from conceding, since you get no reward if you put no time in, but the opposite seems to have happened.

    I also thought that granting XP for time played would induce people to play longer and more complicated games, but look how that turned out.  Everyone seems to just want to vomit cards as quickly as possible and win by turn 5 and get their 12 XP for such a short game.  I really don't get it, but that another subject I guess.

    Anyway, like I said, it just seems meh a lot of the time.  People quit if they don't like the matchup, or someone doesn't quit because they think they can vomit cards and beat you in 2 minutes.  So you're getting 0 XP for the concessions and usually 12-20 XP for games where someone pukes cards and ends the game in a couple of minutes.  It just feels kind of useless when you need tons and tons of games at that pace to level up.

    Yes, I know, I should play ladder, where I advance if someone concedes and they're not as likely to concede because of losing rank.  And I suppose that maybe the devs wanted to steer people into ranked play more.  I'm not putting people down who are into ladder, but it's just not something I care about.


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    I have to admit I concede games in casual most of the time for quick completition of daily quests. I don't have much time to play, but still I want to get that xp if it's basically free. I'm often running into people who concede faster than me, so I guess it's common, and I never got any issues with that. Actually I'm very thankful for this option they gave us.

    I agree that some xp could be awarded for a win after insta-concede, for your time queuing, but a small amount, like 10 xp. From my experience, you do get more xp for winning under normal circumstances.

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    It's really unclear to me why you don't just play ladder. If you said something like "I get competitive when there are rankings involved, and I don't have time for that" I'd 100% get that - no one wants to feel pressured to play a game. But if truly don't care about rankings, and you know that ladder will provide you with opponents who don't auto-concede with nearly the same frequency, why not just play ladder as though it were casual mode? Seems like it would be exactly the same experience for you personally, minus the concedes.

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    There IS a reward when someone quits: you win and you didn't have to waste a lot of time doing it.

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