Hearthstone is unplayable right now

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    I used a similar list a few days ago. Worked quite good, but I only made a few test games and there weren't so many Paladins and Mages.

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    Quote From linkinboy0

    What agries me the most, is Blizz talked a lot about cost reduction and how it's no good for the game, and then they print a lot of Libram support and a lot of spell cost reduction for Mage.


    I have the theory they want Standard to be annoying to make people play Classic. It's working with me at least.

    I don't think that would make a lot of sense from a business perspective. Once you've collected all the Classic cards, you'll have no reason to spend money. They always have and always will want Standard to be the main game mode played by most players. Their real goal is to make Standard slightly too hard and disappointing to play with just the Core set, so that players are incentivized to buy expansion cards.

    As for the mana cost reduction that is still too present in the game, I'm as confused as you are. I, too, remember them saying mana cheating has been a big problem in the past. In Iksar's recent AMA, he acknowledged that the power level got way out of control in the Year of the Raven, and I think he has to know that mana cheating was a huge part of that.

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