Is Hearthstone running out of ideas? Could it some day?

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    I've been wondering about this for a while, so I thought I'd see what other people think. Do you believe that the structure and layout of Hearthstone is limiting the amount of ideas for new mechanics that could be implemented? For example, the lack of a discard pile. I sometimes worry that they will run out of new ways for cards to interact, causing some sort of doldrums in the game. This is a question about ideas for flavor-- they have a lot to draw on in terms of that-- but the cards themselves. What entirely new mechanics could you come up with? Are my fears ill-founded or on track?

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    I don't think we're even close to exhausting the available design space with the mechanics we've got, not to mention the fact that we've seen new ground broken regularly in terms of new card types and mechanics and whatnot. If anything, I'd say that inventing new mechanics is the easy way out compared to finding creative ways to combine older designs, like the Adapt keyword does.

    Rather than the game running out of design space, I'd say that the designers have been phoning it in the last couple of sets, with a heavy reliance on nostalgia and minor tweaks to older designs/keywords presented as something fresh and new.

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    Standard ensures that in the very worst case people will be given new toys to play with, even if equal to some old cards: Standard players miss those old cards and will play with their new iterations, as if they were new design.

    Anyway, i think combinations are so many that reaching saturation will take a while.

    Finally, they can always push for the powercreep and powerlevel to renew both Standard and Wild.

    All in all, i think it's easier that we get bored of the game as a whole, rather than of card design.

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    I remember asking that about Magic the Gathering some 20 years ago.... <_<    

    I played a little of the online format for the first time in a long time the other day, they have plenty of new things to offer even now.  It's possible to keep these games feeling pretty fresh for a very long time.  The cynic in me would cite that even though there are over 150 cards every set, most of those are filler and will see little play.  Essentially they are designing 30-40 impact cards, some ok to bad cards that utilize new mechanics, and a whole lot of terrible cards to round it out.  This means there is plenty of room to keep this game going.

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    There are so many possibilities that I think hardly the game may run out of ideas (just look at how many interesting and funny new mechanics were presented in each competition on HearthPwn).

    Team 5 is probably stuck with the need to implement new things and some balancing issues.

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    No, i think there are lots of possibilities now and even more in the future - because you can always add new features etc. 

    Like someone stated above - MTG still brings new Ideas / Mechanics after 20 years - so i think we are years away before the ideas are gonna run out!

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