Most Fun you had with legendary cards every expansion!

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    Hey! I am just looking for opinions here! I started this thread because I know everyone has a different concept of fun and that is the reason I made this thread.

    Obviosly my opinion is the only one that matters and all of you are wrong (?

    Here goes my list!

    Legacy + Core Set

    King Krush Just love the feel this card has. It's summoning animation is glorious.

    Archmage Antonidas Ahaaaa!! Ahaaaaa!

    Lord Jaraxxus is a Baddass. I love him! Even while still a minion, I used it everytime I could. His voicelines, his play animation... Everything is great.

    Lorewalker Cho is a card nobody expects and it is actually not that easy to play around it. Run it in my 30 legendaries even paladin deck

    Millhouse Manastorm has amazing and iconic voicelines. And some of the best ways of losing a game ever.

    Brightwing is a card I do not know why I like so much. It all just comes togheter to a great feeling when playing it.

    Old Murk-Eye is a Murloc finisher that can make some incredible charging damage on mirror murloc matches. Also it is just too cool to ignore.

    Baron Geddon was is a card I played a lot during classic hearthstone, before Naxxramas. It was never the best... But I have great memories from playing him... Nobody expected him....

    Ragnaros the Firelord just knows what to hit! It works every time! His summoning anination, voicelines and effect are just epic.

    Nozdormu is the worst enemy of low end phones... Still great to have him randomly appear and make you pick up your phase.

    Ysera was my first every legendary card (also my first ever duplicate legendary). Voiceline, and animations are just on point. Can't remember how many games this card won me. Even if not great anymore... The fun is still there and has a special place in my heart.

    Aegwynn, the Guardian has some incredible animations and quite an unique effect.

    Deathwing the Destroyer is great. I do not know why I like this so much... But I love it.



    Stalagg and Feugen are cards that go together as they need each other to be succesfull. Have great memories of getting multiple Thaddiuses and wining that way... If classic ever gets Naxx... My deathrattle shaman will totally be back.


    Goblins vs Gnomes

    Malorne is just beautifull

    Gahz'rilla is a dream I never managed to properlly make function. But it still was a great feeling every time I got it to crazy amounts of Attack.

    Trade Prince Gallywix here! He is difficult to remove. I like him the same way I like cho. But more...

    Mal'Ganis is eternal.

    Iron Juggernaut is a card that I really loved when it came out. Then paired it with Brann during LoE to get multiple mines in the oponent's deck. Just a great amount of randomness that never felt unfair and made every draw feel decisive.

    Mimiron's Head has some great animation and the feeling of getting it's effect off is something just wonderfull. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


    Sneed's Old Shredder will always get you a perfect random legendary... Every time! There is sth about getting random legendaries that just clicks on me...


    Blackrock Mountain

    Majordomo Executus let's you play as Ragnaros... Just getting Awaken the makers in the same deck to get a 40 HP Ragnaros hero, gave me lots of hours of fun.


    Grand Tournament

    Aviana made some crazy plays come true... Before Kun, it was just amazing having a 5/5 your oponnent had to deal with no matter what.

    Confessor Paletress. See Sbeed's Old Shredder.

    Anub'arak. He just keeps coming and getting more and more aracnids on the field. Really annoying. Great animations.

    Justicar Trueheart gave us a new concept of upgraded hero powers. And it was really original and the best part of TGT

    Nexus-Champion Saraad. I do not know if this card was great... Took a good 7 month break after 2 weeks of blackrock. I just know this has a nice feeling to it!.


    League of Explorers

    Sir Finley Mrrgglton as the rest of the explorers, gave a lot of experimentation to the game. In this case getting a new hero power gave new life to classes that were stuck with a certain playstyle.

    Brann Bronzebeard Enabled too much crazy stuff to happen and I love him for that.

    Elise Starseeker is kinda the original quest. The flavour of this card is wonderfull and as I said before... Really dig Random Legendaries. Also the legendary pool of this time was much better than now. Not that many situational legendaries.

    Reno Jackson is going to be rich eventually. He created an entire archtype around him. No way he can be ignored.

    Arch-Thief Rafaam the suprreeeeme archaeologist is just amazing. Flavourfull and bad... It is a really bad card, but that did not stop me from playing the hell out of it.


    Old Gods

    Fandral Staghelm A new mechanic that made it unique and irreplasable for a long time. Loved it.

    Ragnaros, Lightlord He wants things to live, not like his evil brother.

    Shifter Zerus Random Minion everyturn is the kind of fun I like

    C'Thun Increidble build around. Everyone got it for free so he got a great spotlight.

    Deathwing, Dragonlord He is loved by all the dragons of azeroth who will come to avenge their death comrade.

    N'Zoth, the Corruptor He singlehandedly wraped the meta in a really big way... When he came back to standar for a time people got to see why he is so polarizing.

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End, my lord and saviour... Not much more I need to say.

    Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound the original recruit card. Go big or go home.



    Prince Malchezaar RANDOM LEGENDARIES

    Medivh, the Guardian Great and awesome entrance with a nice effect.



    Kun the Forgotten King Really powerfull card, could be a 0 mana 7/7 for druid. Did not see that much play at first... But it's effects were just really usefull

    Kazakus is one of the most versatile cards ever printed. Paired with Reno it was just crazy.

    Raza the Chained is a card I thought would make inspire work. Played it a lot and wanted it to happen. But... We got anduin later and that card did make it work... With no inspire to be seen around.

    White Eyes's life is your shield. Awesome animations, voicelines and art.

    Finja, the Flying Star is a ninja murloc! What more could you ask for!?

    Mayor Noggenfogger random is his last name. Sorry came back with him and laughs were always around. It never saw serious play because of his cost... But games could get really messy with him.



    Awaken the Makers is an interesting quest that gives you the posibility of a 40 health Jaraxxus and Ragnaros.

    Unite the Murlocs Murlocs are just incredible

    Lakkari Sacrifice Discard Warlock will always be one of my favourites

    Fire Plume's Heart More Ragnaros is always good.

    Spiritsinger Umbra Deathrattle sinergy is sth I always loved. This makes it great with some cards like Sylvannas

    Elise the Trailblazer Opening a pack midmatch? Where do I have to sign??


    Frozen Throne

    Frost Lich Jaina is a card I felt in love with as soon as I saw it. The art, the voicelines, the effect wich is pretty powerfull but not OP. I feel this card is just like Zilliax in power level. The perfect amount for a high cost card.

    Uther of the Ebon Blade gets you an Amazing weapon and an amusing hero power wich needs to be answered if you do not want to loose the game. This was the first alternate win condition and it got everything right.

    Bloodreaver Gul'dan I do not understand how this 10 mana card managed to not get nerfed. Always loved demons and he just gave me more of a reason to play them. Also the Hero Power is just crazy... 3 Damage + Lifesteal for 2 mana is just incredibly powerfull. If it's battlecry was worse I would understand it. But damn, it was also incredible.

    Deathstalker Rexxar Making my own beast is something I really apreciate. The beast pool gives you lots of variables and makes this a great flexible card. Also... This card helped push Hunter in a new playstyle and as I dislike agro (exception being murlocs) this card alone made me play hunter.

    Rotface DADDY MAKES TOYS OUT OF YOU!! I made a stinky!!! This card has some amazing voicelines and the random legendaries it produces make me happy to just play it.

    Arfus is a card I use a lot in my 30 legendaries deck. If you get army of the death on curve. The highroll is just too big. Also... He is just a good boy.

    The Lich King is a perfectly flavoured card that, like Zilliax, felt really good to play, but it never went the extra mile that could make it anoying or OP. And being just this great of a character, he really deserved this card.


    Kobolds and Catacombs

    Rhok'delar was just an amazing and unique weapon... I got it on opening day and I felt horrible about it... Until 10 days later I got to try it against a friend just for fun. In the end, spell hunter was one of my favourite archetypes in this expansion and this card gave you that refill option Hunter always needed.  (Credits to RangDipkin for reminding me about this card. Around here I was kinda sleepy so I totally missed it)

    Rin, the First Disciple is just really slow. But blowing up your oponnent's deck, even if it only had less than 10 cards left, always felt rewarding. The animations for the seals and blowing up the deck are just top notch.

    Woecleaver I do not know why I like this card so much. It is simple, but there is something satisfying about Axing your opponents face a getting a big guy out of your deck.

    Marin the Fox is just another amazingly flavourfull card with excelent voicelines and an unique effect. The fact that it was free was just the tipping. I made use of it in every single deck I played for about 2 to 3 months.



    Emeriss is another really controlly hunter card. Really tried to make it work, and when it did (with Gh'zilla) it was a hell of a time

    Toki, Time-Tinker was a nice idea for something to have in standar. I would really like it to come around in the next core set as it gives more RNG to the game it is played on, but the pool is too diluted to make it OP in anyway.

    Prince Liam Random Legendaries again.

    Chameleos was just a nice an unique concept. I really loved having information on my oponent's hand. The good thing is... You do not have to play it for it to be usefull. You can jusst keep it in your hand and your opponent will never know.

    Lady in White was just an amazing effect. I think Deckwide effects were strange during this time (except for Prince Keleseth and Mistcaller I can't really think of another one) and that auto innerfire made me try to make some useless cards usable for the first time. My intentions ended up mostly in failure, but the times it worked it just felt amazing.

    Face Collector See Prince Liam.

    Tess Greymane is THE card that made me interested in making thief rogue more than just a meme. Even now in wild, (not with an amazing winrate but well...) you can play Tess for some amazing crazy combos and now even shuffle new copies with Toggwagle's Scheme.

    Hagatha the Witch was the first hero card we got after the Death Knights. Her effect was unique and sweet. Her voicelines and animations amazing and the amount of value you can get out of her hero power is just through the roof!.

    Shudderwock was really annoying in lots of decks... But I just found it fascinating. It literally had infinite Possibilities. And still does... Either with Jades, OTK, Boardclears, Whatever you need, he's got it!

    Genn Greymane  and Baku the Mooneater were at the time, totally overpowered. But having this new restrictions and possible upsides in all classes, made it sth trully magical to experiment with. Genn, ended up in my 30 legendary deck for example, giving my paladin the early power it lacked. 

    Till this day, new decks can be developed because of them. Odd mage was always a thing, but, for example, Even Mage is now sth really viable too! You have cards like Wildfire and Mordresh that just made it something you really want to play with Spirit of the Dragonhawk. Also I can now get my own 30 dmg machinegun going with the Drake that let's me repeat my effect. And so... Even Anduin got scared that day.

    Similar stories can be found with every class! With the exception of Demon Hunter wich just ignores Genn.



    Whizbang the Wonderful is just the perfect card for the F2P player o just about anyone who can't afford all legendaries in a set. Most of the times, you get to try some new cool toys out of the bat because of him and the deck recipes he offers. It actually is a card that... In my opinion... Deserved to stay in standar forever. Core Set kinda fixed most issues Whizbang also solves, but it still would be nice!. Only Reason I do not have it in gold is because I am mostly a F2P player and I opened it as my first boomsday legendary (actually the second one as I got a preorder that time) and I could not justify crafting it after pulling it.

    Luna's Pocket Galaxy is a build around card that nobody expected to be good. Then it was buffed to 5 mana and back to 7, but now it got played, because people noticed it's power.    It took me way too much to get my hands on it, but getting it played on turn 7 or earlier always makes for a fun and different game on it's owner's side.

    Kangor's Endless Army is a card I do not understand why I like so much... Sth about Mech Paladin just clicked with me and I played it a lot that season. Hope we get more magnetic cards in the future, though I doubt that would be the case.

    The Soularium Really pushed Discard Warlock for me... Before Jeklik it was just a dream, but a Dream I really enjoyed even though it was terrible.

    Before, I mentioned I got a preorder for this expansion.... Well... Dr. Boom, Mad Genius was the Golden Legendary I got from it! Not OP but really fun! Also, as I mentioned I really liked Mech Paladin and well... It was the same with mech warrior. A match made in heaven for me... You! You are good! Don't Make me push Buttons!!!!!   OMG his voicelines are just amazing.


    Mecha'thun Another OTK I just had to pull off... The same as Uther... Just played the hell out of it!



    Zul'jin is my favourite hero card of the year of the Raven by far. It fitted perfectly in Spell Hunter and got other archetypes more power. Loved getting my Animal Companions, Deadly Shots and The 7 mana walls (do not remember the name) again! Just a bordclear that generated even more pressure.

    Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk was a dream for any Ragnaros lover such as me. Getting him back in standar was just great. And also It fitted perfectly in Odd Mage.

    High Priest Thekal is a card I ran a lot with Ragnaros Lightlord and Uther of the Ebon Blade. It made your lifesteal cards really count! Even if you did not take any hit in the whole game.

    High Priestess Jeklik is just the card Discard Warlock needed and her voicelines are just on point! "HIREEEK GRANTS ME WIIINGS"

    Da Undatakah is a card I actually got some mixed experiences with. I tried to meme the hell out of it, but it just did not happen. I still like him somehow... But I can't say I every achieved anything with him.

    Hakkar, the Soulflayer was just an excellent WoW representation taken to Hearthstone. Also the cardback event was just sooo coool. Used this one a lot with cards that would transform my copy or just delete it. In case I tried to transform it... i would try to draw it multiple times before doing so. Just for the card advantage... "12 damage to my face you say? Not a problem!"


    Rise of Shadows

    Kalecgos is just a combination of Animation, Voiceline and effect. It feels really powerfull and perfectly balanced for a 10 mana card.

    Madame Lazul fitted perfectly in my thief Priest. Can't say much more of her.

    Heistbaron Togwaggle brought Marin's Treasures back! And you know how much I liked his treasures! It was a day 1 craft to me. Also... Amazing Voiceline! XD Still gives me a smile when I think about it.

    Scargil is almost the perfect card for a murloc lover like me...

    Arch-Villain Rafaam is back! And more supreme than ever! Lots of Legendaries from his powerfull first! Even better in gold! (See Whizbang... Got him again...)

    Archmage Vargoth doubled the fun! Still using him with mana biscuit and with wildfire!


    Saviours of Uldum

    Unseal the Vault gave hunter more midrange options wich are always nice!

    Dinotamer Brann has an awesome animation and Effect, and really sold the highlander hunter concept to me! Also he can be branned for 2 king krush!

    Making Mummies is a dead quest on arrival. Limited support makes it easy to power creep. But the concept is something just awesome!

    Activate the Obelisk is really cool if you like fighting for the board. It is super powerfull and goes well with the other priest quest... At least in my mind... XD

    Armagedillo is great for taunt warrior. Used it for quest warrior and got total happines out of it. Great animation and power level. Also you can discover it from taunt generation.

    Zephrys the Great has what you need! Even if you do not know what it is! 

    Siamat was Zilliax 2.0 . Not as good as him but still a welcome addition!


    Descent of Dragons

    Goru the Mightree says his name... 3 times... I just say it with him, every time I play it. Treant druid can also be pretty fun in general :)

    Dragonbane in one of the best inspíre cards ever, and they always go to hunter! More Face is always good

    Nozdormu the Timeless was the missing of my 30 Legendary Even Paladin Deck. It really makes it work when you draw it! When you don't you still survive a bit thanks to Genn on the early turns.

    Bandersmosh is another case of fun random legendary cards.

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is just an amazing card. 2 0 cost dragons, even if random, tend to be great, and you already have enough reasons to play highlander decks in neutral already. Zephrys, Reno, Kazakus. It can always work.


    Galakrond's Awakening

    The Amazing Reno is just amazing! And he knows it! himself! Delete the board and become a mini Yogg for the rest of the game is a great effect, even for 0 mana.

    The Fist of Ra-den Again, random legendaries.


    DH's Initiate

    Nethrandamus is a card I really like. Demon Hunter tends to be all about agression, so when I played the expendable performers, That 3 damage to everything summon 3/3's card and this. I always caught people offguard. I rushed Demon Hunter to Lvl 60 before the new year, and even if I did not like the class that much (Soulfragments were an exception) this card helped me do it. Also got it to my second most wins in ranked class (Then I realised how much casual I played all over the years, and that is why I do not have any golden hero portrait)


    Ashes of Outland

    Murgur Murgurgle is a usefull murloc that summons even more shiny bubbly murlocs. Not much more to add.

    Shadowjeweler Hanar is the dream of any Secret rogue player who likes seeing his oponent confused every turn and testing every possible secret in the game. Works better when bounced back at the end of your turn for extra rage.

    The Lurker Below is that little card nobody liked, but even at 3 health I could not get myself to ignore it. His animation is just great. And I love the art on the card itself.



    Soulciologist Malicia is a card that made me like Demon Hunter. Also I really liked the Sould Fragment archetype on both classes that supported it.

    Ras Frostwhisper is a card I run for a good time. As mage, you almost always have some spell damage in hand and agressive decks hate this card.

    Rattlegore is really annoying to remove. Even more if you manage to copy it and play multiple of them. Also his growls are just great!

    Keymaster Alabaster is just more thief fun. I like copying my opponent's deck. Even if I did not select all thief cards for this list. This followed by coldlight oracle is just fun.


    Darkmoon Faire

    Deck of Lunacy is a card I loved while it was a meme. Thankfully it got nerfed and I can play my random spells again without feeling too bad about it (mostly on wild though)

    Tickatus is the ultimate destroyer of decks. You can Brann him, get multiple copies, and even play him uncorrupted for the new "Destroy your deck" Warlock Archetype (Wich is not good at all). This card can be rage inducing, so I try not to abuse it too much, but playing just 1 copy of it feels good and not THAAAT bad to the player on the receiving end.

    Moonfang. Beautifull art and effect animation. 

    Silas Darkmoon has some great lines and made me think about positioning again. Also it is great for giving your opponent a generous mummy and getting some stuff played. It is not that easy to remove that mummy.

    N'Zoth, God of the Deep is a card I tried to make work on paladin. Not that good, but that did not stop me from playing it.

    Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate can be better or worse than our original, all mighty and powerfull, Yogg-Saron, Hope's End. I still could not get a random pyroblast from him on ranked. And some effects it can get are underwhelming. The thing is.. As a wild player... What is stopping me from playing both Yoggs in a single deck? Why choose?


    Darkmoon Races

    Keywarden Ivory is just concistent and has some great animations.

    Envoy Rustwix a great demon, with great animations and voicelines. Also you get 9 random legendaries from him, (3 at once) and can get him back soooo many times. Even sometimes from the prime you get from him. I love the fact this card exists.



    Death Speaker Blackthorn is a card I want to succed. Right now it is not doing so... But I love my deathrattles.

    Mordresh Fire Eye made with wildfire, even mage great in wild. And gave me a reason to play even over odd. I love his animation and it is not that difficult to pull.

    Firemancer Flurgl is the ultimate murloc boardclear in wild. In standar, it is pretty cool too. And who does not like murlocs?

    Tamsin Roame is a concept I really like.. Still playing around with it as I received it not that long ago. Has the potential to stay in this list, as shadow spells can be really flexible.

    Mankrik is just an Iconic character and an Interesting and Unique legendary card that can fit in lots of decks. Still trying to get the achivement of killing someone finding his wife. Sometime I will...

    Kazakus, Golem Shaper as the original is just really flexible. Not that easy to put on a deck, but where it fits, it is just great. Also this "Make your own card" cards click with me. 


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    Oh man, this is one heck of an undertaking! Good on you for going through them all and adding your own flavor. I tried to narrow my list to just my top legendary from each expansion with a few honorable mentions thrown in when multiple cards stood out.

    Full disclosure - My list is biased towards Neutrals and Hunter legendaries given where I've invested most of my dust over the years. I also only started playing when One Night in Karazhan released so my experience with Naxx and GvG is limited.


    Ragnaros the Firelord - probably my 3rd favorite card when I started and I used him in most decks including a Spell Hunter that only had him and Barnes for the ridiculous highroll.

    Sylvanas also felt like a must-craft at the time, but second place for me goes to Ysera because she was a viable win condition (at least against noobs like me and the people I faced at the start) and I was thrilled when I had enough dust to craft her.


    Loatheb - Unity, Precision, and Perfection before there was a word for it. I didn't get to play Loatheb in its prime, but I enjoyed the Adventure and will still throw it into Tavern Brawls when allowed.

    Goblins vs Gnomes

    Gahz'rilla - another one I missed in standard, but I still play the big fella for the modern-day OTK shenanigans in Wild.

    Sneed's Old Shredder - a close 2nd for the wild deathrattle deck synergy.

    Blackrock Mountain

    Emperor Thaurissan - the enabler of so many memes that would otherwise be dreams! If memory serves me right you could get him from the first wing of the adventure and I saved up Gold to purchase it early in my HS journey; no regrets!

    Grand Tournament

    Dreadscale - I didn't invest much Gold into this expansion, so Dreadscale sticks out in memory more for his utility as a build-a-beast from DK Rexxar.

    League of Explorers

    Reno Jackson - Highlander decks are love, highlander decks are life, and the original is still the best! Reno was my favorite card when I started and I bought the adventure almost immediately after playing against him a few times. So many good memories that I still go back to Wild just to play him.

    Old Gods

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End - My 2nd favorite card when starting out and totally worth crafting in standard even after the nerf. There was so much outrage at losing to randomly generated spells, but apparently if you constantly generate/discover them via multiple cards it's cool ;P


    Barnes - I enjoyed him when he was in Standard, but the nerf in Wild was long overdue!


    Kazakus - the card that actually got me into playing Mage for a time and I'll still dip into Wild to play this card.


    The Marsh Queen - I loved the introduction of Quests and played a lot of Quest Hunter back in the day.

    Elise the Trailblazer - a close 2nd and I had decks that would try to get 3 or 4 copies of her for the value parade.

    Frozen Throne

    Deathstalker Rexxar - an obvious choice as it's possibly the greatest Hunter card ever made and building beasts is a ton of fun.

    Frost Lich Jaina, The Lich King, and Prince Keleseth were also all fun (if not slightly broken) cards I played regularly at the time.

    Kobolds and Catacombs

    Zola the Gorgon - my absolute favorite card of the set and I included it everywhere.

    Rhok'delar and Kathrena Winterwisp are close seconds as I really enjoyed the Spell Hunter and Big Hunter archetypes at the time.


    Shudderwock and Hagatha the Witch got me into playing more Shaman so they have to share the first place title.

    Houndmaster Shaw - an honorable mention just because he was an auto-include in so many decks.

    Azalina Soulthief - my favorite card that I never got to use as much as I wanted, haha.


    Zilliax by a mile although there were some useful niche legendaries for Hunter.

    2nd favorite was probably The Storm Bringer as you could generate it off of Witch's Cauldron and let the shenanigans begin.


    There were a lot of fun meme cards like Da Undatakah and Oondasta, but Zul'jin was my favorite by far as that swing turn was a sight to behold.

    Rise of Shadows

    Jepetto Joybuzz takes the number one spot due to enabling so many memes.

    Kalecgos and Archmage Vargoth are fighting for 2nd place.

    Saviors of Uldum

    So many great cards in this expansion that it's tough to pick between them...

    I loved the re-introduction of Quests such as Unseal the Vault as well as the return of highlander decks with Zephrys the Great, Siamat, and Dinotamer Brann.

    In terms of pure memes, I tried to use King Phaoris as often as possible and even had a couple decks built around cheating out Colossus of the Moon.

    Descent of Dragons

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza was the definitive favorite, although Frizz Kindleroost and Veranus helped power the Dragon Hunter archetype and for that I'll always be thankful.

    Galakrond's Awakening

    Sky Gen'ral Kragg - a staple in my Quest Hunter decks for both the value and quest progression; really appreciated that he didn't require the quest to be active when played!

    Demon Hunter's Initiate

    Nethrandamus - I don't often play DH, but when I do it's Control DH centered around Nethrandamus and 1/1s with rush.

    Ashes of Outland

    Kael'thas Sunstrider - I tried to make it work in every nerfed iteration and found out how strong an early Nagrand Slam could be way before Deck of Lunacy came around ;D


    Sphere of Sapience - A dream for my Jepetto Joybuzz combo decks.

    Professor Slate - a close second that helps Control Hunters (almost) reach viability.

    Darmoon Faire

    Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate - I still praise him even though it feels like the current iteration gives me the worst outcome way more often than the others (i.e. the fill both boards with minions and yours have rush outcome).

    Darkmoon Races

    Moonfang - should be on the Mount Rushmore of beasts! Very cool addition to the family.

    Core 2021

    Deathwing the Destroyer - a kinder, gentler Deathwing that still fits in well with my Deathrattle decks.


    Kazakus, Golem Shaper - I love versatile cards that can give access to tools outside of your class identity (lifesteal, poison, etc.) while also being a potential win condition depending on when you draw it (e.g. two 10/10 golems with stealth).

    Looking forward to seeing what other folks choose as their favorites!

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    I would love to play a 30 legendary deck against someone. I don't have one but could whip one up later tonight.


    Add me LiveWire#11853 : D


    Put your info and I will add you if you like, maybe we can get a little trend going on this thread

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    I only started playing seriously during the Witchwood, so I'll start from there. 


    Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane, no doubt. I played a lot of Odd Warrior and Even Paladin during those days. I freaking loved my Odd Quest Warrior with Sulfuras, it was a blast to play. 

    Boomsday Project

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. I was fortunate enough to get him as my free legendary, and as a Warrior main, I played him a ton until he was nerfed. 


    Zul'jin. Crafted him in Day 1 to play in my Secret Hunter deck (which was dominant at the time), and I just loved him as a late-game bomb. I played a lot of Hunter during those times in my quest to get the golden portrait. 

    Rise of Shadows

    Blastmaster Boom. I might be in the minority, but I loved the bomb mechanic, and Boom was a big part of those decks. I eventually reached legend with the deck in the Scholomance meta. 

    Saviors of Uldum

    Unseal the Vault. Quest Hunter was a blast to play. 

    Descent of Dragons

    Deathwing, Mad Aspect. One of my favorite cards ever, the design is just so good. 

    Ashes of Outland

    Altruis the Outcast. Absolutely loved this card, and its pre-nerf version made for some insane damage turns with DH. 

    Scholomance Academy

    A bit of a tie between Doctor Krastinov and Mindrender Illucia. I was playing a lot of Bomb Warrior during this meta, and it was fun to piss off opponents with a well-timed Illucia. 

    Darkmoon Faire

    Il'gynoth. Those surprise lethals with Aldrachi Warblades never get old. 

    Forged in the Barrens

    Xyrella so far. She's just an amazing card in Control Priest, being able to wipe out a large board while dropping a 4/4 just feels good. Great art too. 

  • Lemushki's Avatar Squirtle 975 772 Posts Joined 03/22/2019
    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    Well. After finishing with moving homes and some other stuff I got the time to finish the post at least! Thanks for your responses too! Really enjoyed reading through them!

    Lemushki - The one and only since 2006

  • sinti's Avatar Global Moderator Chocolate Cake 2050 2615 Posts Joined 10/20/2018
    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    Baron Geddon became a cool card again, when he got the Elemental tag and DK Jaina gave him Lifesteal :)

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  • RangDipkin's Avatar Rexxar 345 140 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago
    Quote From Lemushki

    Well. After finishing with moving homes and some other stuff I got the time to finish the post at least! Thanks for your responses too! Really enjoyed reading through them!

    Congratulations on the succesful move and on finishing your list!  It reminded me of many cool cards and metas that I hadn't thought about in awhile :)

    Quote From sinti
    Baron Geddon became a cool card again, when he got the Elemental tag and DK Jaina gave him Lifesteal :)

    I also rediscovered my appreciation for him when Toxic Arrow released and I finally had access to a (admittedly clunky) board clear ;D

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