Interesting Deck of Lunacy Bug post patch

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    In two different games I've played Deck of Lunacy and encountered some issues with spell cost and other cards that should have changed the cost of the spells. I know there were issues previously with cards that were shuffled back into the deck or otherwise manipulated via Secret Passage, but I've never seen this one before.

    The first was with Celestial Alignment. I played the card and happened to have minions and spells in hand. The minions were properly reduced to 1 mana, but the spells, all of which had been previously altered by Deck of Lunacy, retained their DoL mana cost. I did not have the chance check to see if this was a display bug or an actual spell cost bug.

    The second was with Power Word Fortitude. Again, I had the spell generated by DoL, which made it a 5 cost spell. It is supposed to reduce in cost by each spell in hand. I had many spells in hand which should have reduced it to 1 or 0 mana cost, but it remained at 5. I did not try casting it to see if it was a display bug or not.

    Here are some links to replays on HS Replay that show what I'm describing.
    Celestial Alignment bug, look at turn 9
    Power Word Fortitude bug, look at turn 6 and later

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