Darkseeker's channel - 6th February update: Secrets Paladin ft. Mysterious Challenger: "Who am I? None of your Business!"

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    30th January update: FC Boogax's Standard Rustwix Control Warlock: Have faith in Solarian Prime...

    Envoy Rustwix. Meme card? Or serious card that helps you win games? It is certainly my favourite card that has come out of the Darkmoon Faire Mini-set. Survive long enough, and you simply out-value your opponent with Prime minions.

    FC Boogax Control Warlock deck code:


    Raven's Control Warlock (with more healing) deck code:



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    Posted 4 weeks ago

    6th February update: IronHideRex's Standard Control Shaman ft. Tentacled Menace: Send in the clowns!

    Clowns! Send in the clowns!!
    Lots of healing and AOE helps you survive into the late game, where you can play the clowns and Revolve.
    A greedy deck? Yes. A deck that exceeded my expectations? Absolutely.

    Deck code: AAECAaoIBtqdA9igA+a3A5zOA53YA/zeAwz+BbIGrZEDipQDxZkDkKcDqrEDrtID8NQD/tsDpt4Dp94DAA==


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    7th February update: RagingWalrus' Standard Big Dragon Warlock, ft. Lord Jaraxxus and Clowns!

    Lord Jaraxxus! Clowns! Dragons! Deathwing?!?! Greed. Value. It seems to work :-)

    Deck code:



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    Posted 3 weeks ago

    13th February update: Hijo's Renolock ft. Wax Elemental!

    A Renolock deck courtesy of Hijo, that does well against aggro, and can destroy slower decks with the Brann Tickatus combo!

    Deck code: AAEBAf0GHtwGxAiODsMWhRfYuwKXwQLexALfxALnywLy0AKX0wLH0wLo5wLD6gKc+AKggAP8owPypQOdqQPrrAPEuQO9vgOVzQObzQPXzgPO4QP44wOS5AOT5AMAAA==


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    Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    19th February update: Boltzmann's Reno Shudderwock Shaman ft. Grizzled Wizard and Zephrys Pyroblasts!

    After facing a constant stream of Reno Priests... I decide to play this deck with Sir Finley and the Grizzled Wizard. Suddenly all of the Reno Priests disappear... No matter. This deck is still awesome against aggro, with some cool Shudderwock moments and Zephrys Pyroblasts!

    Thanks to Boltzmann for the deck (https://twitter.com/boltzmann2718). Give him a follow on Twitter - you won't regret it. He comes out with awesome off-meta decks that can win games on the ladder. This deck is proof of that.

    Deck code: AAEBAaoIHvUEsgb6DsMWhBf2vQL5vwKXwQLHwQLfxAKr5wLz5wLD6gKe8ALv8QLv9wKLhQO9mQPanQP8owPPpQOEpwOntQPbuAOTwgOVzQOPzgP+2wOJ5AOS5AMAAA== 


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    21st February update: Duwin's WILD Big Beast Hunter, ft. King Krush and Beastmaster Leoroxx!

    King Krush? Charged Devilsaurs that charge face? Yes please! Another great deck from Duwin (https://twitter.com/DuwinHS). If your big beasts get neutralised, then Deathstalker Rexxar can help you to stablise.

    Deck code: AAEBAR8I+Ai5DYbTArbqAqCAA5uKA7a7A4/jAwvJBJcI9w3GwgLexALTzQLf0gLy8QLylgOdpQPhzgMA


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    27th February update: SilentNick's Totem Shaman ft. Grant Totem Eys'or / facing a double Iceblock meta!

    What an amazingly fun deck! Initially, challenging to pilot. My first game against the Secrets Mage was a mess. Bad ordering. Bad misplays. It can take some time to get your head around the deck, especially when you have a full hand with lots of options. Playing left-handed hasn't helped me! As I played more games, things got better.

    Over a week, I have managed to go from diamond rank 8 to diamond rank 4 with this deck. The remaining games against Warrior, Quest Mage and Pogo-Hopper Rogue were played much better! Annoying that my Mage opponents had a habit of finding two Iceblocks.

    Checkout SilentNick's comments / proof of legend: https://twitter.com/SilentNickHS/status/1362930391175335942

    Deck code: AAEBAaoIBIEEsgb21gPf4QMNvgaTCbIUyhbGmQOdowPapQP5pQO1rQOWuQObzQOm0QOJ5AMA


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    28th February update: Poison's Renolock ft. Krul / Considering our past deeds with Confessor Paletress!

    "Take this time to consider your past deeds"
    What a strange series of opponents we faced:
    - Confessor Paletress in Big Priest!?
    - Quest Taunt Warrior with bombs?!
    - Inspire Demon Hunter?!

    Thanks to Poison for this awesome Quest Renolock deck ft. Krul the Unshackled.
    Lots of fun, and taking me comfortably to diamond rank 3. LOTS of value in this deck with multiple ways to win:
    - Cheating out big demons with Krul or Skull
    - Bringing back multiple waves of demons (N'Zoth, Guldan, Merchant)
    - Prime cards through Rustwix

    Other interesting notes:
    - We were able to outlast a traditional Big Priest.
    - We were able to outlast an Odd Warrior.

    The final question to ask: do you dare craft a golden Krul? ;-)
    Remember, this is a fun off-meta deck that won games for me. I did not face any Reno Priests, so do keep that in mind! Think carefully before committing to crafting legendaries. When Krul works, he works well - you get a wave of demons onto the board. However, often I find Krul being pulled by Voidcaller or Skull.

    Deck code: AAEBAf0GHtwGjg7CD8MWhRfgrALYuwLZvALexALfxALnywLy0AKX0wKL4QLo5wLb6QLD6gLamwProwP8owP9pAO7pQOdqQPrrAPEuQPWuQPuvwPXzgP24wOT5AMAAA==


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    6th March update: Secrets Paladin ft. Mysterious Challenger: "Who am I? None of your Business!"

    There was a time when Mysterious Challenger ruled the meta (2015/16). How does Secrets Paladin do in 2021? Can Oh My Yogg make a difference? What about Dr Boom? The former "Dr 7". Not played at all in current decks...

    Your aim is to go wide on the board early, and end the game before turn 10. Any longer than that, and deck struggles after running out of fuel. I really enjoyed playing this deck, but is it worth crafting the cards? There are more effective aggressive decks (Secrets Mage), yet, this is still a fun trip down memory lane :)

    Deck code: AAEBAZ8FBqcF7A+eEIQXucEC/LgDDMgEsQj3DYwO6g/tD6YVuMcC48sC+NICjbYDg94DAA=


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