New Targon Spell - Starlit Epiphany

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    A new Epic Targon Spell, Starlit Epiphany, has been revealed!

    Starlit Epiphany Card Image

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    Now this is the equivalent to Explore Un'Goro from hearthstone and hearthstone showed everyone how bad this effect is. Good for memes and dreams... and not much else

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    It is worth noting that this card replaces your deck with a set amount of cards, rather than replacing your deck with the amount in it. So if you have a draw heavy deck in Targon you could put this in as a way to avoid running out of cards. It is almost never useful but its worth noting I feel since I've beaten Tahm/Soraka a few times in the past just by making them run out of cards.

    Edit: If TLC or Maokai become issues it could also be a tech against them.

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