New Bandle City Spell - Entrapment

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    A new Rare Bandle City Spell, Entrapment, has been revealed!

    Entrapment Card Image

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    1/5. The poison puffcaps spell is generally not worth putting in your deck at 5 puffcaps for 1 mana and 1 card. This spell adds 9 puffcaps for 2 mana and 1 card... IF you choose a card your opponent has 3 copies of. This is also not worth putting in your deck.

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    This card does several things that are very interesting.

    1. It gives you information that is normally hidden from view. You literally get to see 3 cards that are still in the opponent's deck.

    2. It puts three puffcaps on the same card, not randomly attached to random cards. It's highly specific. This removes some degree of the randomness that has literally always been a part of Teemo decks up until now.

    3. It lets you target a card that your opponent might need to fish for. Are you facing Anivia control and they haven't tutored out Anivia yet? Well, maybe you can guarantee 3 damage to their face when they do cast that Entreat. Are you facing Lee Sin? Make sure to put it on a spell, so they take 3 damage when they fire off a "Draw 2 spells" card.

    4. If you are paying enough attention before you play this card and after you play this card, you will know how many copies of your chosen card are in the opponent's deck by seeing how much their puffcap count increased. Again, this is information that would normally be hidden from you. And if you can keep track of which cards they have already played, this will tell you if they have a copy of that card in their hand right now, beyond any doubt.

    Overall, this card will be quite potent in the hands of a skilled player.

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