New Freljord Landmark - The Howling Abyss

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Quote From sto650


    Just a quick note - Level 2 Yasuo is a 5/5 Quick Attack for 4 cost. I'm pretty sure that's good, even with zero synergy in the deck. Similar for Jinx as well - 5/4 Quick Attack (though a deck with this Landmark in it probably never empties its hand - so that part probably never comes into play). We do have to always keep in mind, however, the raw stats and keywords of level 2 champions (like 10/6 overwhelm for 6 cost - Darius; or 13/13 tough, fearsome for 7 cost - Nautilus). Even Braum, whom I rated as bad, still has challenger and 6 health with regeneration.

    Valid points for sure. Depending on your matchup 5/5 quick attack, at that stage of the game, isn’t that big of a deal. If your opponent is playing 8 drops and you are playing well-statted 4 drops you are probably still on the losing side from the tempo loss of playing Howling Abyss. Jinx is probably a bit better because of the extra draw she provides - depending on how many cards you have left in your deck and what you are playing against. 

    My point was not to rank them (you did a better job at that in your previous post). I just wanted to give examples of champions that require certain synergies to shine, and perhaps Yasou wasn't the best example.

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    Posted 7 months ago

    I am the only one who enjoys the fact its effect is mostly a flavor to the ARAM that happens on The Howling Abyss rather then a proper mechanic?

    Hearthstone: Me vs Firebat ->

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    Think Elise isn't that bad it still is a 2 mana 4-3 challenger with fearsome.

    Fizz is okay alot of decks have around 10 spells, if you can hit the nexus once with a lvled up fizz he can activate his ability himself every turn.

    Plus he is a 3-2 for 1 mana potential to block elusive if you really need it.

    Maokai is okay for the fact that he can create a chump blocker every turn that one extra body can make a difference sometimes.

    Low costs with decent bodies/effects.

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    Posted 7 months ago

    Now we have Divergent Paths which counters that well.

    Still, 7 mana infinite value might see play.

    I never apologize… I’m sorry but that’s the way I am.

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