New Shurima Spell - Siphoning Strike

  • Arthas's Avatar Black Lotus 775 1901 Posts Joined 03/10/2019
    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    A new Rare Shurima Spell, Siphoning Strike, has been revealed!

    Siphoning Strike Card Image

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  • DoubleSummon's Avatar Ancestral Recall 1580 2219 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    So one sided slow speed Concerted Strike that has a bonus if it kills the target, also just one to one rather than 2 to 1 which is different..

    that being said Concerted Strike is very good, hard to evaluate, depends on what the shurima region can or can't do.. and if nasus will bein Demacia or not (So far it seems like he will be mostly paired with SI)


  • TheTriferianGeneral's Avatar 360 353 Posts Joined 02/10/2020
    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    This is... not that good I think. Unless we let a 5+ attack lifesteal unit attack with it it won't be that impressive and getting such a unit... Nah this is way too timmy for me

  • FenrirWulf's Avatar Duskrider 700 182 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I think you compare this more to Wild Claws than Concerted Strike. Still, it's probably too meme or too slow since not a lot of Champions benefit greatly from stat buffs. I could see this in Fiora but that's about it and is such a case you probably just run other combat tricks.

  • minuano28's Avatar 415 232 Posts Joined 09/10/2020
    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Even with Fiora this card is too memey, that girl likes having barriers and protection spells. If you draw a second copy of nasus you can use it to level him up faster, other than that I don't see any use for this.

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