New to card games.

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    Hey everyone,

    New to the game and this genre of game in general. I've spend most my resources on freljord and shadow isle cards. As far as champs go in the region I like using Elise and Ashe, but they don't seem to synergize well. 

    My deck is also reliant on high level and mid level cards, but it seems like I'm always expect a big card to get me out of trouble. Assuming that's not the way to go.   

    Can someone recommend a deck within those regions? I'll just swap out what I don't have. I don't have any poro cards. 


    Thanks in advance. 


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    Freljord + Shadow Isles isn't incredible as of right now. The best deck that I can think of is a Feel The Rush control deck and if you're a new player you probably won't be able to craft it immediately as it does require a fair amount of Epics as well as the Champions themselves. It's a slow deck that seems up your alley if you do prefer decks that require one card to swing the match in your favor.

    Feel The Rush Deck:

    Other than that, there's also decks such as They Who Endure which has not been very good for a long time (I don't suggest this but it is very easy to play as a new player) and there's Trundle Lissandra which plays similarly to the Feel The Rush deck mentioned above but it's harder to pilot.

    Trundle Lissandra:

    They Who Endure:

    Though if you are a new player, I would suggest not going for these decks yet until you have most of the key cards and instead using these budget decks. (These aren't good decks by any means but they are free.)




    Also I'm not sure if any has mentioned this to your but the best way to get some cards quickly is by playing the Expeditions for a bit. It does give you a lot of cards. If you don't particularly like that game mode, that's also fine! Each week you can get an Expedition token from your Weekly Vault and you can just trade it in for an expedition run and immediately retire it for a free Epic capsule. There's also the Path of Champions which also gives you champions for free but it might be confusing for newer players.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    I have just realized that you didn't mean specifically mean Shadow Isles + Freljord, my bad. Regardless, you can build most of these decks and you'd find that they are all playable within a certain margin. I expect that you can find combos within the regions you intend to play and build a deck around it and fare pretty well with it so you don't have to worry much about what is good and what is bad.

    Nevertheless, more decks that are good.

    Lissandra Thralls:

    This deck requires a lot of planning ahead but if successful can be a very dominant.


    This deck may seem quite simple to play but it is one of the hardest decks to play with and leaves little room to misplay. I don't suggest this one as it requires a high skill cap, but it is faster than most of the decks I had suggested previously.


    This deck is super straightforward. Play cards and get to deep and play giant creatures, then finish with Atrocity. Make sure that there's no way you can get interrupted when you do so though.


    This deck is easy to play but hard to master. Pretty fun and fast. I highly suggest this if you don't like slow games.

    Go Hard:

    This is a solid deck and has a lot of combos. It's easy to play but you need to understand what the cards do to play it well.


    Sorry if this is a bit too long. I tried to make a short summary of what the decks are but it may come off as confusing as well. Most of these decks are also a bit outdated but they should still be fine. Try refining your decks, remove bad cards and include good cards. It doesn't really matter if you're right or wrong as long as you're learning the game.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Appreciate it, I'll look in to it. Thanks for the input!

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    My Elise deck only has Elise in it as Champion. Also, the most expensive card cots 6, and there's only two of it. Brood Awakening

    Elise doesn't do very well in late game decks. As "Fearsome" is an ability that gets worse as the game goes on. She wants a deck that deals a lot of damage early, and just mops up with something like Doombeast or Noxian Fervor.



    She's usually paired with Noxus for the latter Precious Pet , and House Spider,sometimes Arachnoid Sentry

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    My strongest suggestion matches with Phaseshifter - an Elise aggro deck is going to be the most accessible to you right now.

    Here's one of the standard lists. Also, that website is one of the best ones for knowing what the current meta is.

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