Shadow Ashe (Frejlord + SI Control)

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    Greetings, fellow Deckbuilding & Sharing forum-browsers! 

    In the interest of not leaving this forum empty, I submit to you my Shadow Ashe control deck.  I know I posted this on the General Forums about a month back and that thread didn't get much activity; however I'll post it again here just because I find this deck so cool and NO ONE is playing it.  Your Plan A Win Con is just what you would expect: use an Elise spider package with Ashe splashed in to get ahead on board.  However if you do get behind, you can The Ruination the entire board away and fall back on your secret weapon: The Harrowing.  If you've juiced enough Ashe into your rez pool, you'll get an ephemeral cavalry of 6/4 attackers, each of which will make one of your opponents minions unable to block.  So much fun!

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    I am also surprised Ashe is not popular.
    The deck does it all (aggro, control and even holds a big win condition if necessary).

    Hearthstone: Me vs Firebat ->

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