Bannerman with a Noxian Twist

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    I apologize I am first time presenting deck and forgive me if I post it incorrectly. I try to get the list on here. As the title says this is bannerman with a Noxian Twist.

    The idea of this is to use the effective Bannerman Demacian core to, but use cards like Darius to overpower certain over midrange regions that like to chump block you like Endure and shadow isles. This deck is a bit weak to Ionia and doesn't like Will of Ionia for obvious reasons. Below is my core build, basically subbed out 3 Garens for 3 Darius and 2 Riposte with 2 Decisive Maneuver.

    Things I have thought about:
    Dropping 1 Darius and 1 Swiftwing Lancer to put in 2 Radiant Guardian
    Dropping Laurent Protege for Laurent Duelist or Legion Drummer
    I even thought about putting in Purify and 2nd Unyielding Spirit.

    Not sure why my deck is posting below, but it should be:

    Until someone can help me my current deck is:
    2 Cithria of Cloudfield
    3 Fleetfeather Tracker
    1 Ranger Resolve
    3 Brightsteel Protector
    3 Single Combat
    3 War Chefs
    3 Fiora
    3 Laurent Protege
    3 Grizzled Ranger
    3 Vanguard Bannerman
    1 Concerted Strike
    2 Decisive Maneuver
    3 Swiftwing Lancer
    3 Cirthria the Bold
    3 Darius
    1 Unyielding Spirit

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