(v2.0) Diana/Zed Aggro Elusive

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    Posted 2 years ago

    I've built it because of Aurelion Sol decks and found it successful against them. You can try if you want. You can tinker some parts that doesn't suit your playing style but it is simply an Elusive Aggro deck which tries to finish it at early game.

    holding 2 spell mana for 3rd phase to play Zed + Pale Cascade is mostly carries you to go lethal. Keep that in mind.

    Also i don't recommend you to replace Fae Guide with anything because it is hilarious with Zed.

    You might consider to replace 2x Spirit's Refuge with 2x Whimsy!. I didn't have Whimsy! for now so couldn't try them.

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    Posted 2 years ago

    I have played enough games to test the deck against other decks and made some changes;

    There is a little guide for the deck in the deck's page if you are interested in;

    Quote From <a href=

    I have completely give up Invoke package because it mostly slows you down. Going further with elusives always gives better results.

    and now there is some Gem support because it is great with your elusive units and Mentor of the Stones is just a great card.

    Gems also helps you activate Nightfalls and heals your leftover units on the battlefield. So I have added Gift Givers to the deck as well.

    Windfarer Hatchling helps you push a bit more.

    Against Aurelion Sol decks;

    And lastly, even though Will of Ionia has been nerfed, There is no real answer to The Infinite Mindsplitter in this regions so it is the best option to hold right now. It is in the deck because with Elusive package, 1 more turn is so important to win against this big guy. Just wait until they drop it and use Will of Ionia onto The Infinite Midsplitter while you are able to attack next turn. Just be sure they don't have any leftover mana to drop it again in the same turn.

    Don't hesitate to use Fae Guide's on other units than Zed or Diana aswell. 3/3 and/or more stats on an elusive unit is always threatening enough.

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