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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi guys, i want to play more runeterra. Can you guys plz tell me the best (and cheap) decks to make?

    I Really like Demacia and Freljord. And my fav champs are Garen and Braum.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Welcome to Runeterra!

    Demacia and Frejlord go OK together for expeditions or when you are just starting, but unfortunately we don't see a lot of that combination in constructed once collections are larger. There's a lot of overlap between the two regions, so most constructed decks will either splash a different region that can add a different toolset to the deck or just try to make an allegiance deck.

    For Demacia, there are a few decks I could point you to but the best is probably Elites, especially if you like Garen. The below decklist requests 3x Cithria the Bold and 3x For The Fallen: you should have 1x copy from your starting collection, and you'll want at least a 2nd for this deck. If you have any copies of Genevieve Elmheart, you can substitute her in for your missing Cithria. For The Fallen plays the roll of an "insurance" card to refill in case of board wipe -- again 3x copies are ideal but you can get away with as few as 1x and substitute in either Concerted Strike or additional Reinforcements in a pinch.

    For Frejlord / Braum, the best deck I can offer you is Hodor of the North. It's a somewhat memey combo deck, but it is effective. The idea is that you make a big attack with overwhelm units, wait for your opponent to declare blockers, then play Decisive Maneuver to remove one of their blockers from combat (if it was blocking an attacker with overwhelm, that attacker will now deal all its damage to nexus) as well as give everything +2|+0. And perhaps best of all about this deck: no epic crafts at all, and the other champion is Trundle who is extremely versatile.

    Finally, I'll give you this Braum Poros deck. It's the only Masters-level competitive Braum deck I know of so probably the best out of all 3 here, but it's also the most expensive. Hopefully you managed to get the free 3x Give It All before the event expired; otherwise I'm not sure I'd advise crafting it as its an extremely niche card (as is Aurora Porealis). Still: if you've got the cards, its a fun and unique deck to play.

    Good luck!

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