Real Talk - The Ladder Grind

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    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    I consider myself to be a pretty casual ccg player usually hovering around diamond or platinum in a variety of ccgs depending on how much headway I can make with off meta brews and my general comfort or skill with the game.

    That being said, I've gotten pretty good at spotting when metas have reached a standstill of "not fun" however you would wish to define that personally.

    I'll give an example from MTG so it doesn't sound like I'm ragging on legends.

    When throne of eldraine released you would have two decks cat oven an aggressive list that drained you from 20 -> 0 using a cheap artifact and fires of invention a list that controlled you out and bursted you down at the end.

    Sounds a little like Irelia Azir and Ezreal Draven or Thresh Nasus they both function the same.

    These polarized matchups create a dice roll system where you can be favored going onto one and not the other, and then you switch decks to try and compensate and only tank your winrate as a result.

    This is meta lock frustration defined as clearly as possible without hyperbole. 😤

    Now this is where as a digital game Riot should be able to compensate quickly to these shifting balance issues, but they for some reason choose not to.

    Take one look at Mogwai's or Swims most recent videos to see they are talking about the game as opposed to playing it.

    They are frustrated too so Riot should get off the couch and hot fix the game already.

    Thats my rant over, let me know if any of you are facing similar issues with the game atm.

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    So what's the news here? pretty much every player, casual or competitive is complaining about this meta. The only ones defending it are Riot themselves. Hopefully they will realize that they were wrong and adjust the unholy trinity of Azir/Irelia, Tresh/Nasus and Trundle/Lissandra. 

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    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    Well I guess if everybody is on the same page there's no news at all. Just conversation and discussion to pass the time

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