New card rundown - underworld expansion

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    Just gonna highlight a few of the interesting new cards

    Astral Fox

    Has a home for sure, there are aggressive shadow lists that would rather have the nexus dmg over the draw 2

    Abominable Guardian

    yeti tribal yes pls, hook a brother up

    Heavens Aligned

    In my nightfall lists I would literally run the 1 mana aphelios card as a cheap activator so this inclusion is a no brainer

    Field Promotion

    a good non blade dance scout activator very solid

    Rek'SaiXerxa'Reth, The UndertitanXer'Sai DunebreakerXer'Sai CallerXer'sai Hatchling

    Lurk is basically a good aggressive use for scrying in runeterra which hasn't existed yet, as the only person who still plays Zillian trust me I know. While I hate to see every mechanic be reduced to an aggressive creature based strategy, instead of doubling down on the control potential; I also understand the necessity in the turbo meta, if riot doesn't want to make substantial overhauls to design.

    Snapjaw Swarm

    mostly pushes Azir mf and I'm fine with that

    Hexite CrystalFallen Feline

    This is the control Ziillian tool I was looking for keep in mind every predict is a reshuffle and another chance at using this spell in conjunction with a time bomb


    Everything else revealed so far strikes me as a little meme-tastic but I want to hear your thoughts in the comments


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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    If i am not mistaken, predict only shuffles the deck AFTER the effect resolves.
    In this case, HEXITE CRISTAL isn't as exciting as the name suggests: it requires at least 2 predictions to show up

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    Yeah thats not hard. Like again, expectations are tempered right now. This expansion is releasing an auto-build aggro predict shell when control predict still isn't a thing.

    That strikes me as odd coming from mtg where the whole point of draw fixing is to find answers.

    So obviously lurk will be better then zillian when there's 10 cards supporting it and control zillian is only getting one in this expansion.

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