New Meta Changes Pre Ruination

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    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    Big changes here:

    1. Zed Sivir being listed as S tier with a 53% winrate, more likely finding its longterm home in A tier

    2.Turbo thralls is going down to A tier even though it's numbers are largely the same

    3. Azir Irelia is listed in S again, but its numbers aren't doing any better so no idea what's up with that

    4. Poros dropping a ton of tiers, it was trash and just because swim could literally win with any meme deck he chooses doesnt mean it was good.

    Increasingly, I find the tier lists to be governed by the whims of the editors instead of quantitative data.

    Last time I mentioned a ton of decks with a 55% winrate that go ignored, like deep, or Swain Tf or J4 barriers.

    If you go into card stats you get an even clearer picture of performance.

    Want to know what cards have the highest winrate? Literally every single one in pirate aggro.

    Now do I think the deck should be tweaked, probably not this meta is still fun and fresh. 

    And I think this is the best part of the shurima expansion so far.

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