Burst Spells Are 25% Of The Meta

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    Roughly 5 of the top decks on Swims site have 10 burst spells on average, meaning they consist of 25% of each of those decks.

    You jam them on a quick attack unit, Zed, Sivir, Darius and then you just win games.

    Its basically auto build decks, with auto play win cons that don't require sequencing or turn priority.

    I had said that this was going to happen and we are very much seeing this all over ladder.

    Like you could play Lee Sin which costs 5 mana and requires set up, and stuns, and delaying the opponent, or you can just accomplish the same thing faster and with less skill.

    Burst tricks are becoming too powerful, too numerous, too cheap, and too brain dead.

    I dont know what the solution is, I had guessed that it was mana reductions for removal but it might just be nerfs to burst spells.

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    Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

    Yeah the only solution is entirely nerfing those burst speed spells. If you buff the removal all that will do is up the entire power level of the game and more importantly it would be upping the power level of very specific regions and thus leaving the region balance lopsided all over again. Buffing is fine if done when necessary but seeing power levels reduce rather than increase is usually healthier.

    That said I would be shocked if they actually start nerfing all of these burst speed combat tricks since I very much don't think that Riot sees them as an issue. I would love to see that happen but I think a considerable amount of outcry would be needed and I don't think that such outcry is currently present. Some people enjoy having the game in a heavily combat trick focused state.

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