How To Build Zillian & Ekko

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    There's a pretty strong consensus that predict sucks as a mechanic, and a deck type.

    This is half right, predict doesn't function well as a self contained wincon by itself, so I'm gonna share some lists that nobody is talking about that will win games with these Champs.

    Ash is very strong right now, and Zillian is essentially a self contained leveler that with enough turns is guaranteed to hit a sufficient number of bombs, or will after being replayed.

    Ekko can absolutely join thr burst meta by becoming a part of it with the likes of shaped stone and absolver which pairs nicely with those 12/12 kaherees you'll be throwing down.

    For vanilla Zillian Ekko I highly recommend the professor to turn all your one drops into 4/4's at burst speed. It's pretty much the only reason to be running cards like drop boarder.

    I've even experimented using ekko outside of shurima and it tends to pair best with Ionia. Hell karma ez is already running a lot of the best predict cards and its pretty obvious why.

    So maybe this will inspire everyone to realize that predict is a lot more flexible then people think.

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