Champion Review Roundup

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    Now that we've gotten a lot of reveals at this point and the direction of the set is starting to become clearer let's do a quick rundown.

    Ziggy: A 3 mana 3/4 that has both a weak MF effect and serves as an agressive value engine. This guy could end up being pretty scary. Keep in mind that he's also living in the same region as a lot of vulnerable synergy so you can challenge what you want.

    Xerath: 4 mana 3/3, you basically have to hold him till leveled and that's when his control effect starts getting strong. He's a slow card compared to Ziggs but if you have the stall tools he can do well, better than lux probably.

    Nami: Seems like a natural friend to elusive decks, keep in mind her buffs can trigger as many times a turn as you want. I can already tell she's gonna be gross, her 2/3 body doesn't die to mystic which is good enough.

    Sion: Strikes me as the card malphite wanted to be, you play for his gameplan and then you win the game, he's a better tyndamere, not much else to say except that he's got a great support package.

    Tristana: 3 mana quick attackers are never not good. She gets bigger she makes your followers bigger, she's like a banner man on steroids, only thing is she has a high deck building cost but so do a lot of Champs in this set.

    Senna: Same akward statline as Kindred, however unlike kindred she "cycles" and gives you a darkness right away. That's probably good enough, and if she does live obviously you'll do nutty control stuff.

    Veigar: 4 mana 1/4 so like azir you just let him sit there, gives you the darkness right away which is nice, and buffs the dmg for all future spells afterwards. I want to say that Veigar is good, you're gonna need a pretty solid control list to deal with all the aggro bs.

    Catalyn: Possible the strongest champ in the set, with her what if Draven and Temo had a baby approach. 3/3 quick attack for 3 and late game value to close things out. Hard to level is the balance for her, but than again if you add shroomes now it's easy.

    Poppy: soo poppy looks bad when you read her as a 4 mana 4/3 with no keyword that has to swing for value. But than you realize as soon as they pass turn priority she's a 5/4, so all you need is sharp sight in hand to guarantee value, and buff your board. Second swing she's a 6/5 etc. Basically punshishes decks that don't have any hard removal and even then you still have to deal with her little things that got very big.

    If I had to guess right off the bat, Xerath, Veigar and Senna will struggle the most when the set releases because A control is the worst performing archetype in Legends right now, and B control is the worst performing archetype in Legends right now 😅

    Have I seen anything that suggests this will change...maybe there are enough unique and interesting followers that there are too many variables to consider, but the spells themselves aren't great and that's kind of important.

    Leads me to think that burst speed combo decks of either the elusive or all in variety will be strongest, than aggro, than midrange, with us try hard controllers still doing our best to make things work out.


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