5 New Decks You Won't See Anywhere Else!

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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    So while I won't claim that these concepts are wholey unique, these champs will be played they just won't be in the brews I made.

    I've always approached card games differently from most people, it isn't about finding the simplest, fastest way to build a list, it's about surprising opponents and winning games I shouldn't and climbing that way.

    With that said here are the lists:

    Nami TF
    A Runeterra Deck created by Nifty129. Last updated 1 year, 3 months ago

    Elusive cancer but instead of going all in on burst like the old versions used to you have pranks, and board presence and something of a midrange play pattern. 

    Temo Catlin is the obvious choice where you go all in on the six drop that triggers all traps in top 5 cards, but then people just start running deny and you loose.

    Ezreal Catlin can take its time, it can stall, it doesn't need to rush, and it just plays good cards. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the best version long term once the meta starts adjusting.

    Poppy banerman has the potential to be the king of midrange once again, which is what Demacia deserves. The exact ratioing might change but the concept is simple, value value value. 

    Go Hard darkness. We have some varied control tools availible, but I think you still run Elise. Legends is a game where loosing the early game to aggro is auto conceed, and that means you can't climb in Plat 

    Really looking forward to the destroy your landmark archetype and this version should be good enough to play day 1. Have fun!

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