New Multiregion Champs

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    The best surprise of the badlewood expansion has been its ability to give existing Champs a new lease on life as long as they are "cute" enough.

    Massively opening up deck building possibilities.

    I hope to see this trend continue with part two and three of the expansion and I'll name some Champs I think should feel free to go multi-region, but limited to bandle city.

    Elise: once upon a time Elise was a terror an aggro staple, now she's just kind of okay. Opening her up to new decks would make sense and spiders crawl in a forest.

    Braum: The thing about braum is that he's actually a good card, but he's stuck in freijord and if you're running a midrange deck you would want Ash 100% But now let's say you can run bandlecity demacia with braum that would be interesting.

    Taric: another case of a potentially good card being limited in a region that doesn't really want him. The good buffs/tricks aren't in Targon but if I could use shaped stone on Taric that's cheap and powerful.

    Katarina: I love Katarina unfortunately she doesn't love us back. We've long since past the days where battering ran was good enough to get her going, so let's open her up see if we can break her.

    Tf: every region has draw the only prerequisite for playing this card, so there's nothing locking him to bilgewater, certainly not his power level.

    Asol: That's right he's 10 mana and nigh unplayable at the moment but if you open him up he might find the stall tools necessary to get there.

    Karma and Lux: I'll lump them together as expensive spell engines that have long since been outpaced.  Again nothing in terms of deck building is forcing them into their respective regions.

    Vlad and Garin: once again these cards are bad, and don't have specific region deck building g costs just open them up.

    What do you guys think? Maybe taking bad Champs and making them multiregion is all they need to be competitive?

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    The thing about Yordle champs being multi-region is that that makes sense from a flavor perspective: Yordles tend to wander and explore outside their secret city. There's nothing inherently wrong with non-Yordles being multi-region, and there might be some in the future, but it wouldn't make sense for many champions. You would be attaching a new region to a champion who has no ties to said location, purely for the gameplay side of things; possible, certainly, but it would take a meat cleaver to the cohesive flavor and storytelling of the game (and the IP in general).

    From this angle, none of the champs you listed would work as multi-region cards. Especially as being part-Bandle City, as BC is hidden away from outsiders.

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    I don't think that making mediocre champions multi region is gonna make them good.

    Also some champions like A/Sol, Karma, Elise and TF don't need any buff. A/Sol and Karma just need the meta to slow down a bit. Elise don't need to always be top tier especially since she was was part of so many tier 1 decks. Whereas many champions couldn't even get a tier 3 deck, it's okay for her just be decent. And we all saw what happens when TF spirals out of control.

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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    Yeah I guess they kind of cornered themselves a bit by making the only multi-region cards Yordle specific.

    That being said newly printed cards can essentially do anything. So as the expansions roll out I imagine the multi region potential will be further fleshed out naturally.

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    The only champion that thematically makes sense to be multi region out of your examples is Taric who has a strong connection to demacia lorewise.

    For the rest however... not so much 


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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    In my personal opinion, lore doesn't seem to be the main priority of LoR when deciding "what region should this Champion be?". Also it's not like Yordles are the only ones who are multi-region, there are Faes and Poro Sled as well. I don't think it's impossible for them to make multi-region a Bandle City exclusive identity. So honestly, I'm down for making more cards multi-region.

    However, I don't think they should give it to champions that NEED their current regions to work. Zoe is a good example of this. You could give her any region and she'd be making use of it appropriately. However, someone like Ashe having a second region is pointless. I also don't think that giving it to only bad champs because they are bad is justified. Good champions could also get it, even if the new way to build them is worse. It'd still be interesting for the most part.

    Elise being in Noxus would finally make Spiders less linear in deckbuilding even if it would be "just run PnZ burn" or smth along those lines. It's always weird as well since Elise's cards are in Noxus and she's supposed to be a Noxian noble of some sort (idk LoR lore but I'm pretty sure this is true). Though I can't really find many champions that fit Elise's circumstances as well.

    Maybe Nasus since he's death-related? I would be a bit more scared of this than Elise because it'd be giving him access to Atrocity without running a second region.

    Hecarim I could see being in other regions, mainly because he doesn't strictly stay in SI and roams around Runeterra. Giving him a second region would help whether it's Ionia or Demacia. Still it wouldn't really pull him out of SI so I don't see a purpose to it.

    I could see Vlad becoming more viable if you gave him a second region but I can't really see it helping him that much. Theoretically only Freljord or Bilgewater could make sense in deckbuilding. So perhaps giving him a multi-region card or two of Freljord/Noxus makes more sense in that regard.

    Taric could go to Demacia and it would probably be the most impactful out of all these. Though his Targon cards are equally powerful in terms of supporting him that I can't imagine too many ways to deckbuild even if he is in Demacia.

    Riven could go to Ionia since she's already in Ionia anyways but I can't find it helping her that much in deckbuilding. Her support cards are in Noxus after all. Though if they were to go to Ionia as well, that'd be a bit more interesting.

    Other than that followers that make sense in other regions could go there as well. Ruined followers could make sense out of their intended region and fit in SI pretty easily.

    That's about all I could think of. I don't think lore should be the deciding factor but rather their theme, nor should their strength be one as well. It should be whether or not that change will breed new decks, I think that's the most important thing.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    Yeah I'm with Fenirwulf, as a mtg player while it's true the color combinations "guilds" have a lore identity that's only really expressed in relavent sets like Ravnica.

    So if they wanted to start making non "cute" champions multi-region especially the ones below a certain power threshold that would likely be good for the long term health for the game.

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