Off Meta Decks - To Dominate Bandlewood

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    So last time we went over the top dogs of the new meta, which exist with much debate. So how about the under dogs the decks people don't see coming and can win just as much?

    Here we go!

    Not listed number 1 because it's the best it's simple the fastest and easiest to play. Only really looses to hard bandlewood control, minimorph, stress test, even like pokey stick into that 3 mana P and Z 3 dmg removal

    But I guarantee you will pretty much win queuing into everything else and that's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

    Auto leveled champ decks are a blast to play and the sheer amount of card advantage tools here means you won't even pay the usual price associated with that. This deck is basically designed to eat Bandlewood. We don't care about pokey or getting getting our swings minid or stressed because we just have so muuuiuch stuff.

    Riven Viktor Combo Midrange
    A Runeterra Deck created by Nifty129. Last updated 1 year, 1 month ago

    Oh you want to win with big swings well here ya go, all in on overwhelm, and elusive and a burn finisher. Not even the easiest thing to control out because our initial dmg is all burst and can't be chumped.

    An oldy that is well positioned to clean house again, you have midrange plays, and you have shromes, with an alt wincon of permanent freeze.

    I got all you Lux fans out there, usually remembence into like two 6/6's and a leveled lux is all you need to win games. Tf and the generated lock away card stops your opponent from running you over with anything too spooky. You even have a better version of dragons two mana challenger and we know how good he is.

    There we go 5 midrange lists nobody will expect and will do very well right now, and has been play tested extensively...don't like the decks thats cool they arent bad you're bad and I have tons more you might like better.

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