Does Bandle City Need More Nerfs?

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    So post patch as the meta begins to settle its become fairly obvious that bandle city is just good...and  there's very little mystery as to why.

    Having every card in your archetype just cycle, while also allowing you to buff those little dudes with midrange threats like poppy/tristana while also having the best control tools in the maybe a little much.

    I've seen bandle VI, I've seen Bandle Lux, I've seen Bandle Poppy, I've seen burn Bandle, Combo bandle tree, I've literally seen every archetype and every deck with just add bandle city.

    Are all these decks amazing...actually for the most part they get people to masters and are good for climbing, but let's say they aren't for argument...they are still good enough to fill in the gaps of every archetype and deck.

    I have a few suggestions for bandle nerfs that would be healthy:

    1. Take away attune on otter, it already cycles and gives you hand disruption

    2. Turn all bandle 2/2 cycles into 2/1 to put them on par with telescope or 1/2

    3  Put minimorph to 7 mana to put in on par with vengeance

    4. Put stress test to 4 mana and buff the dmg to put in on par with fury of the north

    5. Put poppy to a 4/2 so it's basically ekko and you can attack make it a 5/3 and protect with burst like usual

    This would essentially fix the just add bandle city to every deck problem. Now maybe this doesn't happen till the next expansion to make sure there are new tools for the region and it isn't just deleted but right now it's too good and too universal.

    It is the region to beat right now absolutely, and while you can do it, it shouldn't always feel like an uphill battle where you're 10 times better than the opponent just to win the game.

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    1. Otterpus is annoying not OP the only deck that run him are darkness and shellfolk control both are just tier 2 decks.

    2. That a good change. 

    3. Another good change.

    4. I don't see any reason to change Stress Defense most of the time is just a worst Flash Freeze. Bandle City decks rarely run this and when they do it usually limited to two copies. 

    5. If your goal is make the card trash, sure. 2 health is a garbage stat line for any unit who want to trade especially a 4 drop and before you bring twisted fate don't forget that he has a play effect so he always give some value before dying the comparison to Ekko is not a good one either Ekko level up in your deck so most time you are playing Ekko as a 5/3 but more important is that he don't need to trade because of the quick attack keyword (not that he is a good champion to begin with).

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    Honestly, I would just take the reducing cycling power in the 2 slot, and the minimorph change and call it a win.

    I just wanted to provide a wide list of balance options as opposed to a all of the above approach.

    Otter kinda is op though, like remember when they had to nerf that bouncing elusive 1/1. Or compare it to the bilgewater 2/1 attune that doesn't cycle its 10 times worse.

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