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    Posted 1 year ago

    Basically just says all the things I was saying months ago.

    How infinite cycling limits deck variety, and how having decks filled with independent value generators limits decks identity

    Gives the example that one of the best Jayce decks was obviously gonna be in bandle, I knew that we all knew that.

    However, with the release of Jayce I've actually become hopeful that Riot will release Champs and cards that are on par value wise.

    Shurima needs more landmark value, cards like the 3/1 that gives you dirt is sooooo bad into cycles as to essentially be -1 card in practice.

    Ionia and Freijord need more control tools to remain viable.

    Shadow is probably fine , just due to the event love they've gotten they have a lot of spell variety, I also think targon is fine, and so is Demacia and Noxious for what they do.

    So again it's not that Bandle city is objectively op and better than everyone else, it's that they are as good if not better in every single style of deck ever imagined.


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