Tier List Changes Winter 2021

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    We see pretty major tier list adjustments this month.

    Basically every single control or combo deck has dropped down to the lowest tier.

    Thralls, darkness, Lee Sin, Jayce etc.

    While aggro still sits at the top, and plunder is there for some variety. The truth is that it should probably be replaced by pirate aggro if we are going strictly by winrates.

    So is aggro a problem? It hasn't changed or gotten any better as of late, the lists are the same, the cards are the same, there could be an argument that control decks are being squeezed out but I don't see that as the case.

    The way control is being built lately is that it typically just cycles and delays the game instead of teching in actual answers in the form of spells. Darkness being a perfect example where you can't play the box, or a withering wail or a vile fest, you have to play 2/2 into 3 mana darkness that right there might be too slow, and veigar on 4 is a death sentence.

    I think this more than anything is why aggro and tempo decks are winning, because control decks are't really control decks with answers, they are cycling or combo decks with high synergy.

    Just play good control cards and I bet the winrates for this archetype improve.

    I know Majin Bae a pretty all right player is running a full 3 control/combo deck line up to the next tournament so it will be interesting to see how he does.

    I would say better than the tier list would suggest that's for sure.

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