Interesting Tournament Deck Performances

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    So a Targons Peak list made it into the top 20. Yes really, now there are a lot of potential conclusions to be drawn from this.

    Some are inevitable gonna be right and some will be wrong.

    1. Targons Peak is an amazing tournament/ladder deck (wrong)

    2. The deck creator teched his deck so well into the aggro meta that targons Peak performed well (correct)

    So basically if you look at his list he includes every form of healing, area of effect, and frost bite availible to Freijord and Targon.

    The idea being of course that if he can out survive every aggro player in the tournament long enough to get a 0 mana Asol after emptying his hand of control answers he will automatically win.

    Turns out this was correct, aggro decks don't run removal, or card interaction or anything really.

    They just go face, play things on board, and burn ocassionally.

    So you slow roll Peak instead if high rolling it, you wait till you have like 4 cards to play it

    Then you win.

    So kinda goes into what I was saying all along, aggro isn't good, people just haven't been teching their decks appropriately into the meta.

    Now do you need to run every single form of healing, frostbite, and aoe to win on ladder absolutely not, but it goes to show answers are availible to smart deck builders.

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