Monday Meta Report is out!

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    Head over to Mastering Runeterra for the full breakdown. Please note that all of this data comes from the competitive portion of the ladder - Platinum, Diamond, and Masters ranks. If you're playing at lower ranks, the decks you face will probably be a bit different down there.

    Short summary of the report -

    • Darkness control has the highest playrate of any deck
    • Pantheon and Teemo/Tristana/Gnar are the two popular decks that have the best winrates
    • Scouts is still popular and still good
    • Lurk is still very popular for some reason (and it's not winrate)
    • The remaining popular decks do not have the greatest overall winrates-
      • Timelines Trundle/Gnar
      • Ezreal/Cait
      • Sivir/Akshan
      • Swain/Gnar (this one is below 50% winrate)

    Best decks by winrate include:

    • Pantheon and Teemo (see above)
    • Scouts
    • Taliyah/Ziggs (shocker of the month)
    • Gnar/Ziggs
    • Draven/Rumble

    Seems like a decent array of decks being played. Nothing has higher than about an 8% playrate, and nothing has higher than about a 55% winrate. It's still a very diverse meta with a wide range of viable options.

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