What is the rank distribution?

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    Posted 5 months ago

    I can't find it. They have it for LoL. Why not LoR?

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    Posted 5 months ago

    It appears that Riot doesn't publish that information for LoR. I have no idea why.

    Apparently, the best the playerbase has gotten from Riot on this topic is that Platinum or higher counts as "high" rank.

    The playerbase is apparently in the low millions, but no more than 2k make it to Masters in a given 2-month season (and lately that number is even lower than it used to be). I'm sure a significant percentage of the overall playerbase never really plays ranked mode.

    Anyways, yeah - no official numbers from Riot. If I had to guess, the distribution is probably similar to LoL, with the majority of players in Silver and Gold. It's very easy to get Silver. Pretty easy to get to Gold. Significantly harder to get to Platinum than to get to Gold. And from there, you have to be genuinely quite good at the game in order to climb through Plat into Diamond and then into Masters.

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