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    Hey all I hope you're having a good day so far. As the title stats I am new to the game and just started Sunday and getting into it. I have played other card game system such as pokemon, yu-gi-oh when it first came out and after so many years my cards got stolen. 3k or more worth of cards, haven't played sense. I did magic a bit when I was in high school but didn't get too into it. And then heartstone, been in and out of it until hearing what been going on with Blizzard and though it was time to get away from it. So now trying Runeterra, so far it has kept me interested. I done all the bonus challenges and done some of the Path of Champions with Jinx. That said I got a good idea how the card works and went to see about making decks, that's where I am having some trouble.


    I've seen online people post out their overpowered decks and really, I don't want to do the whole copy and paste type of thing. I want my own or if anything a deck outline and tweak it to fit my style. After trying to make deck I notice I can only do like two regions, yet I see online people have three which I like to know how that is posable. But with that in mind I that's where I need your help, want to make a few decks base from the other card games I played and hoping maybe those will work well with today's Runeterra's card sets. At the very least tell me what regions combos I should focus on to make it work. Also any tips or suggestions you may think of.


    For the first deck it is base from my old yu-gi-oh, a field control you might say. The main theme of it was jinzo and horus, to stop most magic and trap cards which at the time was hard to beat. The idea of preventing your opponent in using most their good card because I had mine blocking it. Giving me time to build and hit hard. What regions would you suggest to make something like that? Or even what card you think I would be worth focusing on?


    For the second deck in mind I think fits more of a Targon but I am not sure. This base idea was from a priest deck in heartstone. My main card, Sethekk Veilweaver. It's ability is to give you a random priest magic card for every time you cast a spell on a minion. This combo plus buffs with other monsters I thought did real well, even more so when I was able to clone them lol. I would most of the time have a full hand of card but not enough mana to use them all. This again might be a control deck but like the idea of always have some cards at hand that could change the outcome of a game if that make sense? So I am wondering what would you say I need go with to fight that type of deck?


    Thats about all I have in my mind right now and I hope some of you out there could give me your input and ideas of what I should go from here. 

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    I think the closest to your first deck idea is probably a Deep deck, with Nautilus and Maokai. That being said, Deep is not very good in the meta right now, and it's a very punishing deck - if you make any mistakes, you pretty much lose. The basic idea is that it's a control deck, with little bodies to control the early game and act as chump blockers. Later in the game, you "go Deep" and then smack your opponent HARD with enormous units. A couple of decklists: 

    Pretty much a standard list here.

    A couple of unusual card choices in this one.

    A Lee Sin deck might be similar to your second idea. It's a combo deck that focuses on leveling up Lee Sin, giving him overwhelm, and then winning the game with a literal OTK (where you get Lee to 10 damage, kick an enemy into their own Nexus, hitting it for 10, then the overwhelm attack goes through the block for 10 more). Of course, setting up a combo like that requires very controlling gameplay until you're able to set up the combo. By the way, you're only allowed to have Eye of the Dragon in your 2-cost unit slot, because it's your most important stalling unit while you try to get the combo online - you need to be able to use Gifts From Beyond and then Crescendum to summon it from your deck. Wounded Whiteflame can act as a backup wincon if you don't draw Lee Sin.

    This is a pretty standard list

    Here's a slightly different build that uses the minimal possible units

    Lastly, if you just want full control, let the random dice roll, you could go with a The Howling Abyss deck. It's basically just all control, ramp, and healing tools, plus an infinite value generator. You can go quite a few different directions with this, maybe including Avarosan Sentry for an early blocker and card draw. You can also just go literally all spells, like this. Warning though - this kind of deck is not likely to get a ton of wins.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you want since I don't play Yu-gi-oh but since you like a Priest-like control style, I imagine that you'd like a control deck that can generate value at the same time. sto650 already gave a pretty good list of deck concepts that have worked out while matching some parts of your descriptions so I highly suggest trying those decks out even if they have already been done and dusted. It will give you a good idea on how to deckbuild your own version and maybe even concept.

    In regards to that, I think that Darkness style decks would be in line with what you want to do. Bandle City is a good region to generate value from and has a very control-centric gameplan. Veigar and Senna are usually the pair used and you can't really build out of Bandle City and Shadow Isles as of right now. However I imagine that you will find similar tools to Priest cards in this deck with the addition of being able to end games consistently.

    A pretty decent deck and guide to the deck.

    Other than that, there is Fizz Nami/Zoe Nami/TF Nami. These decks are centered around playing spells with the ability to combo your opponents through elusive unblockable damage. Obviously these decks are not control however these are the only decks that have a "play lots of spells in quick succession, do cool stuff" concept.

    TF Nami

    Zoe Nami

    Fizz Nami

    Karma is also an idea you can try. She is not the best however there are a lot of ways to build her as a core gameplan that she fits with almost any region. She will be able to double cast your spells and your decks may even focus generating spells. Ionia also has a very "no u" style of gameplan if you're interested.

    Marai Greatmother is also a card you should look out for. Albeit a bit slow and VERY meme, it is pretty fun when you are able to play her early on and win the turn after.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Thanks for the for the suggestions. I will say deeps type deck dosen't feel like the right mix with me but the darkness cards did look to have that feel I was looking for. So Ill see about mixing dark with a few decks and see how it goes. Again thanks for your help and maybe one day ill send up dualling you lol. 

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