The Most Balanced Meta Ever?

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    Posted 5 months, 1 week ago

    Percentages are just so healthy across the board, and increasingly even old archetypes and new are re-surfacing for proper evaluation.

    Everyone knows scouts are great but pirate aggro is back at 58% possible never having left.

    For everyone complaining that YOI is overpowered they are only 55% making them a strong but not thaaaaat strong midrange deck.

    Sejuani gangplank, still 53% super healthy for the Oldman plunder archetype.

    The only complaint you can have is that certain Champs are very bad picks right now.

    Value midrange/control stuff, like Swain, Ashe, Heimer, Jayce, Lux, Karma, TF

    There seems to be much better alternatives at the moment.

    But the actual archetype balancing is phenomenal with more decks then we've ever seen being playable.

    Region wise, Frijord needs the most help outside its ramp identity. With shadow being almost as bad outside its removal pkg.

    But otherwise perfect.

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