Balance Patch 2 -> Balance Harder

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    Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I had said the last balance patch was the best LOR had ever seen.

    Necessary justified nerfs, buffs to bad archetypes like sundisc, and new cards that were actually playable and strong.

    Now once again Riots nocked it out of the park.

    This time the nerfs are again justified and not overbearing 

    The new cards are very playable, elite card is flexible, reputation card is a 2 for one, stance card tutors for stance.

    Champ changes are nice, I'm little worried about Waaaaaar but probably fine.

    Ash can now work with Surima so giving her acess to quick sand is fairly gross, it does what harsh winds did but at 3 mana.

    Garen is a genuine tribal card. Like you can run him with spiders if you want, or yordles, or yetis or poros.

    Bad Champs like Karma, and Leblanc seem to be more worth playing.

    Katarina is a ping machine now so she is kinda like gnar and that's awesome.

    Malphite stuns on play now so he drops on play he's leveling and stunning on 7, so not a dead card.

    The rest are just nice stat changes, and like I'm still sad that Lux, Jayce, TF and just general "control" champs are kinda bad 

    "Tempo" equals good right now, and this patch won't change that.

    Otherwise, I'm super happy with everything 


    They removed burst passing, and control Champs only leveling/generating value on spell resolve.

    So now I play Jayce with one tick, putting a spell on the stack for tick 2 can't counter the level up he just pops.

    Why does this matter?

    Same reason why rummaging Jinx to level at burst to counter removal was her strongest tempo play.

    And burst passing is dumb, endgame stalemates where "professional" player grind value and make optimal non plays for an hour wasnt them being "good" it was them testing patience and turning a video game into chess.

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    Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I completely agree about the removal of burst passing. It was a silly loophole that is much better closed off.

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    While I understand how strong a burst pass can be in critical moments, it feels like most of the time you're not achieving much and are only prolonging some pretty obvious decisions. I know the term that comes up a lot which is 'a smart player just passes back' when they get burst passed but I would also say that it doesn't take a genius to burst pass in the first place. There's also the fringe cases where infinite combo decks just pop off using burst and focus cards only and just often hold the game hostage. This at least mitigates some of them in the future albeit a small portion of it. I much prefer this approach to try and make the mechanics of the game more consistent and more enjoyable.

    Other than that, Karma got heavily nerfed with the play/cast changes since a lot of the other partner champions she's usually with like Ezreal, Lux and Heimer no longer work off of her. While I have mixed feelings about this change, the devs seemed to promise that they will be taking extra notice to the affected cards. Hopefully, this change will be for the better.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Yeah overall two amazing patches that have led to the game being more dynamic, and more balanced overall.

    Pro synergy basically.

    You can run bad Champs like Katarina and Garen, or spell activated Champs like Nami and Lux, and you won't feel like the game is against you.

    Also I was super worried they would kill sundisc and they just put the clock back a bit, which for good shurima players won't matter.

    Like you can nitpick that Freijord still needs a little help like Lisandra specifically, or how deep has been outscaled in terms of endgame potential.

    But thats small stuff, and these last two patches have been so overwhelmingly possitive bad "streamers" have been quitting the game.

    And like that's probably the best sign the devs are doing the right thing. Happy players = majority mad streamer = minority.

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