Early Balance Predictions

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    Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Currently meta stats are far too volatile with small sample sizes to offer reliable data.

    However early trends are rising up, namely control is receiving a numbers boost putting it on par with aggro for the first time ever in LOR.

    This will be contentious for many players, but from my perspective if an aggro deck or tempo deck can reliably hit a 57% winrate why not control?

    Thats how other card games work where these things are supposed to be balanced, and if anything gets too strong just nerf those cards individually. 

    So the "cancer" rule change actually turned out to be a vaccine of sorts, creating true statistical number parity between archetypes at both ends of the spectrum.

    The second prediction is that region balance remains mostly unchanged with Frijord performing the worst overall.

    Third prediction the champ changes while nice won't lead to any new archetypes becoming top tier.

    Thats it from me what do you guys think?

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