Where Do We Go From Here

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    Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

    Now that LOR essentially has perfect archetype balance now, and massive number of viable decks.

    Its very hard to definitively say what buffs, nerfs, and changes need to happen.

    Its easy to point to certain things like Freijord being the most underperforming midrange shell by pure numbers.

    Or that Bilgewater might be the second worst control region with Kegs and TF and deep seeing very little play.

    But how much of that is just the way the game is played right now, and how much is a matter of numbers tweaks?

    I honestly don't know how Riot out does themselves after the 2 best patches in the games history.

    Except hang back and play wack a mole when serious problems arise till the next card expansion.

    Once again good job Riot, you took risks, you pissed some people off, but you leveled the numbers and thats no easy task.

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