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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Let's card review woooo


    Hey a nightfall finisher, ironically probably better in ramp targon

    Infinitely worse than spectral matron but I like the flavor

    Really good on like a Renekton, or Ziggs, or Thaliyah, or Xerath

    Lurk is a scary deck and rally is gonna push it over the top 

    Ionia get's a stun spider now, and it always wanted that, but it had to be worse.

    Jin I don't actually care about a great deal

    Thralls is awkward as hell to play right now, and this fixes that

    If you're just gonna wipe on 4 anyway, now you get a crystal that's not bad

    handbuff finisher that's fun

    Trying to push the old wayfinder Ionia aggro archetype

    Now this card is probably the best Ionia print since vanilla

    Fun combo card blade tribal kinda thing

    If you play this you need ways to buff his stats 

    Interesting don't know where this gets played

    So he mystics on play and all your pings are now lethal.

    That's fun with like time bombs just full wiping

    personally my favorite of the bunch.

    There hasn't been a playable deep card in ages

    So basically you chump then flip and he heals you and itself

    Kind of a spelling slinger blue mage type of thing

    Ephemeral support is great


    Overall 4 really strong options 6-8 playables that's not bad 

    Deep is gonna be the first deck I try followed by Yassao, then Thralls

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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Nightfall didn't really need another finisher, however that is if you're talking about a strictly SI/Targon Nightfall deck. This card at least allows you to branch out a bit from these two regions and that's great.

    Revna isn't a finisher by any means, they probably need a Champion that works with deck buffs specifically for hand/deck buffs archetype to work.

    Stagehand is legitimately scary. Good on both aggro and control decks.

    Lord Broadmane doesn't work with landmarks so Time Bomb is a no go.

    Legion Deserter is pretty scary. Effectively another Viego if you're running him in the deck. Encroaching Mists does give him +2/+2 instead of the usual +1/+1. Noxus Viego has been done before with Sion so I expect that they'll switch him out for LeBlanc or Rumble now. Not sure why this card is part of Jhin's support cards but I'm assuming there's going to be another everywhere minion type buff in Jhin's support cards.

    Harrowing Return is just a Fearsome support card branded as an ephemeral support card. You play more with Mistwraiths than you do with Hecarim at least. They probably need a card that rallies or allows cards to free attack like Ruined Reckoner.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I see a lot of this stuff as fairly playable.

    Megatusk, stagehand, hunting boar, harbinger, the maker, blood in the water, chamber of renewal, are all very playable.

    When you get into that 5 cost plus range its gets difficult to make firm calls in this kind of meta.

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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    The Winding Light: A 7 cost finisher is a bit expansive for aggro decks and I don't see how going overhelm is much better than going elusive for 1 mana cheaper.

    Protective Broodfather: Let's see: 8 Mana, no evasion, no protection, no etb and a not game winning attack trigger... oh wait it's an epic nvm

    Chamber of Renewal: Finally Ekko won't die the turn that he gets played! 

    Blood in the Water: I don't think lurk needed support nor am I a fan of lurk buffs... but if it's necessary to keep the archetype viable I'll take it.

    The Maker: ...Won't make it into many decks

    Harbinger of Thralls: Versatile solid 2 drop? You love to see it!

    Hunting Boar: If this could block it would be decent but since it can't it very mediocre

    Revna, the Lorekeeper: "Just you wait until i summoned my 3rd copy of this minion and drew all pieces of exodia to win" No srsly it's very mememy and very bad

    Kinkou's Call: Not the worst unit summoning spell in the game for sure getting 2 2drops for 4 mana and draw 2 is neat value and in this case also decent tempo... I just don't see the deck wanting this card in ionia

    The Stagehand: For sure it's strong but is it much stronger than the likes of an aegis vaultBADCARDNAME? I personally doubt that

    Storm of Blades: If out of the way!BADCARDNAME can't be viable then this card can even less so...

    Captive Greyback: It's okay I guess but doesn't look like a new midrange staple to me

    Legion Deserter: Big overwhelming units for 5 mana? Sure I take those!

    Lord Broadmane: Proably meant to push swain control deck. It's neat at keeping boards clear so I like it

    Megatusk: Looks very good in deep decks 

    Sputtering Songspinner: Another card to remind you that P&Z isn't meant to be a serious region overall

    Harrowing Return: No idea how to use this card so I don't buy it yet


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