Why Bard Is Probably An Okay Card

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    I dont believe bard is like lurk for example where the two recommended regions are actually correct.

    I think bard is slow value engine that requires buffing for value. Something like freijord or shurima have a far higher viability then Targon at the moment with the cards we've seen.

    Looking at his stats when does bard "get good" at 2/5 that's terrible, at 3/6 still bad, at 4/7 now we're talking about a swing deck buffing engine.

    So whether that's through 1 chime and a omen hawk, or the shurima landmark making bard a 4/5 with spellshield.

    Eventually the math starts adding up, I don't think he will be top tier, I think he will be a better braum for the deck buffing archetype whatever that happens to look like.

    With his universal region lock he can can even go in Ionia, for some of their hand buffing stuff, like the new bounce card.

    Either way I like the design of here's a weird champ now make it work in whatever deck you want. Literally, any two regions, any cards, no restrictions at all.

    Also, his "kit" isn't region locked either thanks to his wandering caretaker text, you're guaranteed his chime cards if you want them with 0 region restrictions. That's powerful.

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    There's a lot of misinformation going around about this card.

    1. Bard is a region

    2. bard's support cards are in his region

    3. bard can be paired with any region including allegience like shurima and freijord.

    4. bard works with temporary board buffs aka tricks

    5. bard works with hand buffs

    6. bard works with deck buffs but only on cards drawn

    If you were to ask if I think it's possible to add say 3 level up points off hand buffs and 3 off tricks and 4 off chimes that spawn for free every round that seems very possible don't think 20 think 10 because attack and defense buffs are added together.

    Will bard be top tier, no, will I tutor bard off shurima allegience yes

    do I get 3 free chimes every turn just by playing bard with 0 support, yes

    do I get another 3 free chimes on attack with bard, yes

    do you need to run the whole support pkg no, you can just run the 1 drop, and play allegiance.

    He is pretty good in that context.

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    i'm hyped for it

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Yeah I've been playing another "bad" deck just to prep for it.

    Tahm kench has a similar statline to bard, and slow value oriented play style at 4 mana 

    And I've wrecking with this deck way more then I should be.

    So it just goes to show that even "bad champs" definately can be built effectively.

    In this case I dropped star spring, in favor of good creatures and some actual removal.

    Soraka Tahm
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    Posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago


    Confirmed to be a good card already, how's that for credibility lol...just kidding thats not a thing in relation to a video game.

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