When The Meta Is Sweaty Butt

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    Posted 6 months ago


    Opting for the pro player stats this time to see if the declining winrate phenomenon and weird deck optimizations were holding true.

    Here we see:

    Aggro Annie sub 50%

    Control Annie 51%

    Thralls 53%

    Bard Zed 50%

    Deep 51%

    Elise, Katarina, Viego - who cares

    Lurk 50%

    Ezreal, Catlyn 52%

    Pantheon 53

    And a bunch of new blah lists nobody cares about.

    My point is when Majin Bae's website is saying things are sweaty butt, things are sweaty butt 

    All this off the recent announcement that Riot knows they need to refocus on pvp, and it's no surprise things are a mess.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    How is it a mess when there aren't clear tier 1 decks but instead many viable decks? Also turbo thralls can be seen as tier 1 right now with almost 10% playrate and 53% winrate in the last 3 days. Afterall that just means the game is quite well balanced and that you actually need to play good to climb.

    50% average winrate doesn't mean if you play the deck you win 50% if you play good you win more if you don't you land below and there is nothing wrong with that

    Edit: By the way if you then openly say that archetypes like Legion Deserter Viego do not matter to you in general and you won't cover how it does because of that it doesn't make you look like seeking for rational discussion but simply want to rant for rant's sake.

    Also there is one very important metric you don't cover at all and that is playrate

    If Ezreal Caitlyn wins 52% with a 5% playrate in means a lot less than it winning 52% with 25% meta share. So next time I would suggest to start an open discussion.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    Dude these numbers are way down.

    I dont care how much copium you want to huff.

    Riot knows too they are looking at things like concede rates.

    Time spent in game 


    Deck diversity

    Pre-expansion post expansion.

    They've announced they are re-focusing on pvp because this expansion didn't hit right 

    Like I really dont need to argue I just need to wait 30 days till they start doing what they were doing before.

    Properly rebalancing Champs, cards, and deck archetypes.

    Then we won't have to look at 3 Illoi decks and call it diversity.

    Or viego piles, or targons Peak, or just general a-synergistic crap that nobody wants seeing play over valid champ archetypes with unique decks.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    What do you mean?! Targon's peak? What meemer is playing this right now?

    Viego might be a bit boring as it wins 90% of times through flinging a legion desserterBADCARDNAME into the opponent's face but "synergistic crap"?! I thought synergy was the point of deckbuilding.

    To me the expansion made many decks much more viable, not just thralls and I am far from bored from it.

    But then it might be that you simply don't like noxus to be the new bandle city of the set, don't like how Disintegrate removes Lee Sin from any viability don't like how games now actually aren't about cycling at all  (or was it you who hated that aswell?)

    Whoever told you that Illaoi is the only true champion of the patch gave you pretty bad information as aside of Jhin all champions found a decent place in the meta and I really don't see how worldweaker failed on the pvp side 

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    Posted 6 months ago

    Don't expect any rational discussion from Nifty the guy post has been nothing but hot takes and knee jerk reactions plus getting all passive aggressive whenever someone disagree with him. As you said it's just ranting for rant sake.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    I'm very rational.

    Patches that balance every aspect of the entire champion and deck archetype roster are good 

    We got 2 of those.

    Expansions that result in the meta boiling down to 3 Annie decks, 3 Bard decks, 3 Illoi decks and Viego card piles are bad.

    Meanwhile established archetypes drop 3-5% winrate which are largely more interesting 

    So pretty sure this is as calculated and accurate as a meta oppinion can get.

    Like the fact that Illoi has Tahm Kench stats while being an Elise is dumb she puts up 56% winrates in every deck.

    Bard and Annie are problematic for different reasons for restricting deck building. One guarantees you outscale your opponent and the other has guaranteed lethal in certain situations.

    None of this is good and healthy for the game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see players taking a solid break till this stuff gets tweaked.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    If your complaint is that deck environment is polarised and that you need to address multiple archetypes at once, forcing you make tradeoffs between archetypes then that is just how cardgames evolve that don't want to be as vanilla as basegame LoR

    There will always be the go to lategame/control the go to midrange and go to aggro archetype. The challenge ALLWAYS is to build decks that fit into the metagame and I don't struggle to come up with fitting lists right now.

    The only aspect about the meta that I find to be a problem is that noxus (one of if not the best region of the patch) relies very heavily on fast skills/spells right now and that Rite of Negation is just insane against it therfore while Quicksand answers pretty much every combat based strategy a bit too well and both are in shurima.

    Afterall it's good to have interaction but riot should make sure that a region doesn't get too universal answers as it seems to be the case with shurima right now

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