I was wrong the game is fixed

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    Posted 5 months ago

    I stand by my argument that the buffs are exceptionally low impact.

    But the nerfs that occurred essentially made the game playable again.

    1. Disintegrate is now a 2 of

    2. Barrier bro is lower impact.

    3. Challenger rock bird is a formidable card

    4. Buff drakes can't get overwhelm

    5. Legion whatever was a dumb card

    This means that while burst tricks still suck, you literally run 0 right now, unless you really need them for synergy

    You can build decks fairly easily that follow the play scary things, removal, card advantage template and not get punished.

    Or play aggro, or high synergy, or control, or midrange or whatever you want.

    Brewing is viable again, vanilla stuff playable, and overall you can have fun.

    Thank God.

    Here's 3 decks for you to try that perform well:

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    Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Favorite nerf of all and it's a sneaky one.

    Scout cant' land on Viktor, Pantheon, or Aresnal anymore.

    So it guarantees two turn lethal with these cards even if u high roll elusive spell shield.

    Jesus it's like Christmas

    I'm sorry for everything I said bad about u Riot over this expansion

    Let this brewers meta roll on.

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