Post Patch Meta Analysis

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    Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Two bard decks, two aphelios decks, 3 Annie decks.

    And then a healthy handful of diverse and interesting archetypes sprinkled throughout the tiers most of which have been around a while.

    The real question is how do you nerf these archetypes in a healthy way:

    1. Ravebloom shouldn't buff creatures, being able to house spider into housespider into draw creature into draw creature and represent something like 16 dmg is dumb.

    2. Bard needs to place chimes after turn 1, having sick turn 1 bard draws is what makes these decks so high rolly, and generally also dumb.

    3. Aphelios, don't nerf these decks they are literally just card piles and aphelios has undergone too many changes as is 

    There ya go there's my meta analysis, and overall the game is far more enjoyable and balanced then pre patch good job Riot.

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    Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Looking at Data from both Runeterra Ar and LOR.GG the meta is the fallowing : 

    1.Annie/TF 2.Azir/Irelia 3.Annie/Jhin 4.Ahri/Bard 5.TF/Nami 6.Zoe/Aphelios 7.Jayce/Heimer 8.Poppy/Bard 9 .Ashe/Leblanc 

    They do differ on last meta deck with Runeterra Ar listing Tresh/Nasus and Lor.GG going with Ekko/Zilian instead 

    1.I don't understand why you would nerf revanbloom since the card is only used in one of the two Annie decks I think Annie is a better nerf target 

    2. I do agree with you on Bard any time you lose to a bard deck it's usually because you got high rolled not because the opponent played better 

    3. Aphelios is fine he is strong but not opressive and with fated gone Aphelios decks are the only viable Targon decks that remain.

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    Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Yeah by all means nerf the absolute stuffing out of Annie.

    She's literally one of the most problematic things that lead me to hate this expansion.

    Make her a 1/2 that levels to a 2/3 that does 1 dmg on attack. 1 mana card that is unblockable until turn 4 if they have the token is dumb.

    But hey this is why I was saying this was a streamer expansion that will take two rounds of patches to become functional.

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