New Card Rundown Awakening

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    Ton of reveals here so let's talk about them.

    1. Mecha Pulvarizer - Hey it's more discard synergy in Bandle that immediately makes this card good. Would really like to see the archetype have more flexibility outside of P and Z and Noxious

    2. Lode stone - hey it's a LuLu turbo leveler, counting most likely as two support triggers when placed on a support unit, or at the very least you target non supporter for additional triggers.

    3. Hard to level big pay off for a 3 mana champ - encourages all in on protection and burst similar to fiora, but with better stats it leads me to believe Yi will be a more competitive wincon for that style of deck

    4. Yi pkg hard to evaluate flow without seeing in action, but my assumption is strong, and down right scary.

    5. Catalyst 1.0 so you essentially get 4 mana follower that buffs spell dmg but it can go on any body, and costs 1 less, this is by definition higher risk due to the 2 for 1 but is more competitive at cost and flexible.

    6. loaded vessle, it's a monkeys card, where each monkey represents a free instance of dmg, but again that deck mostly just wants to kill you not draw so gonna go on a limb and say bad like loaded dice.

    7. hexbliterator extra flexibility for Jayce allowing him not to 100% depend on shadow isles to be competitive and might allow him to join lux again.

    8. Silence and surpress is better then purify across the board and is nice tech.

    9. Kayne - very cool design and look very playable


    Over all thoughts they should of called this expansion unload the armory or something because it will be 90% focused around the equipment archetype. More then ever there will be an incentive to protect your followers and champs and slap powerful weapons on them, fiora with a treasure of the sands just casually giver her 4/4 and watch your opponent cry.

    Like there will be broken stuff, hair will go gray, but if it shakes the open attack every round I have the token of aggro, vs the pass every round of control playstyle of LOR I think that a good thing.


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