The New Awakening Set Is Genius

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    Typically in these new sets I go card by card and try to weigh in on what's competitive for existing archetypes.

    But the genius of Awakening is now every region gets to play like Hearthstone warrior if it wants to, or Flesh and Blood a more recent card game released that seems to cough cough provide a little inspiration.

    Honestly all 3 new Champs Master Ip, Forge Master, and Weapon Master all look exceptionally viable.

    So let's weigh in on portal girl, I think she is strong if you have enough viable ways to slow down the game. So it'll be up to you if you want Freijord, Shadow or Ionia.

    5 drop scythe dude looks like the worst of the bunch only because we are playing a game where 5 drops come down as 6/6's with quick attack, and endless keywords that machine gun your board. He looks like thresh which is hard to play these days.

    Overall Awakening is positioned to hard shuffle the tier list because non of the released cards belong in existing archetypes and thats a good thing we don't want another bard situation.

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