Why Rotation In Lor Is A Nice (Optional) Mode

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    Lor has always been a game that has been balanced on a strict design curve.

     No new set whether it be awakening, world waker, bandlewood, shurima or Targon can be or should be better then Bilgewater.

    But this creates one very big design problem, aka pirate aggro, always statistically a top tier deck, it has only gotten better and more consistent with time.

    Riptide sermon being both an amazing tool for control, burn, and agressive decks and the value of equipment namely fisher girl allowing you to say play an on curve threat but then give mf quick attack.

    It can be too much for even the best deck brewers and players to deal with, unless you tech in a crap ton of healing.

    So if you ever want to play Lor in a world where pirate doesn't exist say 2 years from now, and as a secondary almost draft environment I don't think that necessarily a terrible idea.

    On the flip side however to make rotation the new standard does spit in the face of what makes this game unique which is an ageless power curve.

    Tf is a good card, MF is a good card, gangplank is a good card, they will never stop being good cards for as long as there are people willing to play them, that is LOR it's not a card game so much as a permanently viable competitive landscape similar to League of Legends for better or worse thats the game and I love/hate it.

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